21 Days to Safe Weight Loss While Breastfeeding (Free mini e-course on setting habits)

Hike. Breastfeed. Eat Real Food.


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Are you concerned about losing the pregnancy weight after your baby is born?

Are you just now postpartum and a little nervous that the weight is never going to come off?

Do you have concerns about weight loss while breastfeeding?


I’ve got a free e-course for you!

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We don’t pressure here. We don’t have crazy beauty standards.  But we do make smart choices that set up healthy habits through breastfeeding and help get you back to your pre-pregnancy weight without a fuss.

Don’t delay!

Every day you’re setting either good or poor habits, let’s go ahead and get the ball rolling with the healthy ones, shall we?

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I’ve had 3 children and I’ve gotten back to my pre-pregnancy weight within 6 months each time. It’s nice once I’m back there, and I want to share my secrets.

This isn’t a ‘lose the weight super fast’ or ‘get from a size 12 to a size 2 in 30 days’ type thing. This is just a real mom (I’m a size 8) doing real activities with her kids (I loaded everyone up tonight and drove to the river to combat the witching hour), and setting a few simple easy habits that allow the weight to roll right off while breastfeeding.  Oh, and I totally gained between 45 and 65 lbs with my pregnancies. So I, ahem, had some to lose ;)

PS: I can’t offer this for free forever – it’s just a limited time offer, running a few times a year.  Go ahead and sign up now and save it for later if you’re still pregnant.

Also! Do you know of someone who isn’t sure how to navigate weight loss while breastfeeding? Do you wish she knew more about nutrient-dense foods rather than trying to breastfeed on ‘100 calorie snack packs’ that are devoid of the nutrition she so desperately needs? Send her my way and I’ll take good care of her.  Or just share this on Facebook and she’ll see it – she might be too shy to ‘like’ it on your wall, but she’ll sign up ;)