Baby’s First Foods

The Empowered Mother's Guide to child-led weaning, nutrient-dense choices, and simple recipes that can be used for the whole family

babys first foods the empowered mothers guide

Why does it matter what your baby starts eating and how they eat? It matters for many reasons.

Food myth from my parent’s generation: Nothing matters as much as calories. If you’re eating enough calories, or feeding your baby enough calories, they’re getting everything they need. “They” make sure the food is fortified and stuff so it always has the vitamins that people need.

This is a myth! Thankfully the tide is turning and today’s mom does not believe this rhetoric and is focusing on the quality of food her little one eats.

First, children’s brains are developing at the fastest rate from 0-3, making brain pathways that will last their whole lives.

They’re taking in all the tastes of foods, the feel of their soft cotton clothing or rough gravel under their knees crawling on the driveway. They’re absorbing the emotions around them  – joy, shame, peace, anger, thankfulness, and so on.

When the early child is exposed to lots of flavors, textures, and a relaxed eating environment, those brain connections are made for life. Yes, they may still decide to live on pizza and Dr. Pepper in their teens, but the base of their experience will still be whatever foods you provided, and your attitude surrounding food, for their first few years.

Babies have unique nutritional needs to support their rapid development.

Modern medicine recognizes that babies have unique nutritional needs with doctors recommending  for {synthetic} vitamin drops containing vitamin D, iron, and B12.  They check for iron status at well baby visits, formula ingredients are regulated, and weight gain is tracked.

Traditional cultures all have traditions and customs regarding what baby eats.  Most people melt at the site of a blissful baby at the breast or bottle, or light up with joy as a 15-pound little one gobbles down his meal with uninhibited joy.

Yes, what baby eats is important.

How baby eats is important as well

Little ones have so much intuitive wisdom. When we allow them to choose from foods that are nutritious and safe (not choking hazards), more often than not they will eat as much as their bodies are hungry for, and choose the foods that their individual composition needs the most.

Because babies develop so rapidly during their first couple years, individual needs can change quickly. The process of baby-led weaning honors these changes and respects the intuition of the child, allowing them to eat as much or as little as they want, as long as the food choices are nutrient-dense.

Baby will inspire the rest of the family to eat well

What is more inspiring than a baby? Babies have caused positive changes in families as long as they have been born. Their fresh start, complete trust, and total dependence is perfect motivation for the whole family to improve their eating habits.

The Empowered Mother’s Guide to Baby’s First Food

The Empowered Mother’s Guides to Baby’s First foods contains information you need to know about nutrition for baby, different philosophies behind when to introduce the first food so that you can pick what works for your family, and recipes for nutrient-dense foods for baby that you can also use as a side dish or addition to your family’s main meals.

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