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You're the top of the food chain... it's time to eat like it

Get the meat and products you need so that you can look and feel the way you deserve. (psssttt.... it's amazing!)

Grassfed Meat By Subscription 

Butcher Box provides grassfed beef, pork, and chicken delivered right to your door on a monthly basis. This delivery makes it SO easy to stay on the Carnivore Diet since your freezer is stocked full with delicious sustainable meat.  

If you're only going to buy one thing before starting carnivore, this box of meat is where you want to start!

My suggestion: Use the 'build your own' function to choose your favorite cuts of meat and get the most bang for your buck. Add a few packs of bacon too, Butcher Box Bacon is SO good!  

Dairy-Kefir Grains & Raw Milk Yogurt Starter

Culturing milk adds probiotics that can age in digestion and reduce the lacstose (milk sugar) content of dairy. These cultures will have you using raw or pasturized milk to make delicious yogurt and kefir for just pennies in no time! 

I recommend: Cultures for Health Milk Kefir Culture and Filmjolk Yogurt Culture. For culturing traditional yogurt using the method that heats the milk, use any plain yogurt from the store that contains active cultures. 

Zero-Carb Cookbook

How do you cook all this meat? The Carnivore Cookbook is where it's at! No more sifting though recipes on Pinterest and then trying to reduce the ingredients down to meat and salt... The Carnivore Cookbook is what you need to make delicious meals every day with the most primal ingredients. 

I recommend: The print cookbook so that you can put away the computer, flip through the pages in bed, and zen-out as you nourish your body. 

Use coupon code: HAPPYHEALTHY for $5 off the Carnivore Cookbook!

Soaps & Lotions

Meat not only makes delicious meals, but it is the perfectly absorbed moisturizer and cleanser. Tallow has traditionally been used for soap, and you'll be amazed at how great your skin looks and feels and how long your soap lasts when you use tranditional tallow soap. 

My recommendation: Buffalo Gal Beauty makes good-smelling (really!) soaps and lotions made from water buffalo tallow. 

Air Fryer

Microwave convience meets delicious texture and flavor, without the mess!

The Air Fryer is many carnivores best friend, especially if you don't have an outside grill. Salt your steak, drop it in the basket, and boom- 15 minutes later you're eating a deicious meal. 

My recommendation: Get an air fryer if you have a little extra money to dedicate to this. If it's a choice between grassfed meat and an air fryer, go ahead and choose the meat and use whatever skillet you have!

Grassfed Organ Meat & Specialty Items

US Wellness Meats provides organic and grassfed meat, and organs. You know how important nose-to-tail eating is, and you'll feel amazing with every bit of offal (organ meat) you consume.  

My suggestions: Beef or Lamb Heart, Beef Marrow Bones, Lamb, Chicken Liver, Snack Sticks, Tallow of any kind, and a few steaks or your favorite cut of meat, 

Canned Cod Livers

 Cod liver is a delicacy that is delicious in its plain state. Open a can and you're good to go! Perfect for traveling or when you need to eat and run. 

I recommend: Wild-Caught Canned Cod LIver at least once a week for healthy skin, hair, reduced inflammation, and good brain function.

 When you open the can, savor the cod livers and drain the oil into a small jar and drizzle this antiinflammatory omega-3 goodness over shredded meat throughtout the week. 

Instant Pot

Make rich stock, tender roasts, melt in your mouth ribs, and any other kind of meat with the push or a button. If you get frustrated about tough meat, or you want the health benefits that comes with consuming lots of cartilidge, the Instant Pot is your new favorite weapon. 

My recommendation: The 6-Quart Instant Pot is perfect for singles up to a family of 5. More than 5? Size up to the 8 quart, you won't regret it. 

Sous Vide

Make perfect steaks every time by cooking the meat in a water bath held at a perfect temperature, and then searing for a sexy crust. A Sous Vide is how restraunts get steak to be perfectly uniform throughout, without overcooking the edges and having the middle be too raw. 

My recommendation: The Anova Sous Vide is a great addition to any kitchen in need of the perfect steak with no guesswork. 


US Wellness has tallow, so if you're ordering from them already I recommend you purchase it there. If not, Epic Brand beef tallow is what I use the most in my kitchen. Not sure which fat is fo you? Try Bison or Beef Tallow, Lamb Tallow, Duck Fat, and Lard and see which fat is right for you!

Healthy fats provide energy, flavor, and are a low cost-per-calorie item on the Carnivore Diet. 

My suggestion: Start with mild-tasting Beef Tallow or Lamb Tallow for frying your steaks, eggs, and burgers.

Wild-Caught Fish & Seafood

We know how important sea foods are- they are prized foods in every culture. Loaded with fats, vitamins and minerals, fish and seafood should be part of you diet at least once a week. Vital Choice Seafood is the best and most reliable place to find the seafood you need and crave. 

I recommend: Scallops kill a sweet craving like no other! Grab a couple bags to keep in your freezer on those craving days. Salmon roe is bursting with omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin A & D and more. Don't forget to add whatever your favorite seafood or fish is too! Remember: It's better to splurge and stay on carnivore than deprive yourself and end up hitting up the gas station for your junk food of choice. Treat your body how it wants to be treated with Wild Caught Seafood. 

Outdoor Grill

The outdoor grill is a game changer when it comes to keeping the kitchen clean! Tossing some steaks on the grill is the most delicious mess-free way of cooking that wll have all your neighbors jealous. For convienence I recommend a propane grill. For the gadget heads out there, a smartphone-controlled smoker will be your new love. 

Glass Storage Containers

When I portion out my roasts, I use glass freezer containers, and add 1 tablespoon tallow and a generous helping of sea salt to the roast before freezing. Then if I’m going to be out of the house for the day or out of town for the weekend, I can just grab 1-4 of my ‘carnivore freezer meals’ and stick with carnivore easily no matter where I am.  

My recommendation: Glassware with easy-snap lids are perfect for food storage and quick reheating in the microwave. 

Videos For Motivation and to Answer Your Questions

Comprehensive help from your dedicated carnivore coach (me!)

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Hey There!

I'm Cara, and I feel amazing eating all animal foods! I want to share the love with you. Click here to see how this surprisingly simple diet works so well for me! 

I'm 35 and have 3 kids, and I'm seriously in the best shape, both physically and mentally, of my life because of the carnivore diet. 

Try it for just a week and see what you think? I thought I'd be a hater, but I was wrong!