Informed Pregnancy

A 42-week guide to decisions made during pregnancy


Informed Pregnancy by Cara Comini of Health Home and HappinessInformed Pregnancy is a a 42-week workbook with short topics each week day that moms to be will want to know about.  Too often, I hear ‘I didn’t know until it was too late’! And I have quite a few of those feelings about my first pregnancy as well.

This e-book presents new topics every day that are relevant to the pregnancy stage that you’re in, and then provides some questions that you would want to ask, some changes you might want to make, and then a resources page to help you get started researching and coming to a decision that works for your family on each topic.

This guide is very individualized, and is about helping you know what decisions are coming up, and reading about different opinions on each subject. There also are new recipes weekly to help you include nutrient-dense food in your pregnancy diet, baby equipment purchase recommendations, and pregnancy journal writing suggestions.



Studies show that when moms are informed, they make different decisions.



Here’s a sample topic with associated followup questions:

Week 8



Artificial Sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners are in many of the foods that advertise themselves as being healthy alternatives. Yes, they greatly reduce the amount of sugar or corn syrup in a product, which is good, but they come with their own set of controversy.

Under the brand names Nutra Sweet, Splenda, or the generic names aspartame, saccharin, and ribaudioside-a, a very small amount of artificial sweetener is used to sweeten quite a bit of food. They are found in most gums, diet beverages, flavored ‘waters’ bottled at the supermarket, sugar free/no calorie ‘juice’ flavorings, and even some toothpaste.

These sweeteners are approved by the FDA, but they are made in a chemical plant, are they something we want to be putting in our bodies?

See links on my resources page for more information, many women choose to forgo all artificial sweeteners during pregnancy.

One low calorie sweetener that is natural is stevia, it’s a very sweet herb that is actually from the stevia plant.  It’s sold in packets under the name Truvia, the packets are processed, yes, but they are derived from a real plant.  You can find stevia sweetened soda at health food stores, if that’s your desire.

 Questions to ask:

What will you do about artificial sweeteners during pregnancy?

What foods are you eating that contain them?

What natural alternatives would be easy switches?