Energy, Clear Mind, and Weight Loss are at Your Fingertips. 

Are you ready for the quick and simple way to take advantage of keto while still serving family friendly meals?

Start seeing progress... within 24 hours! The Keto Family Class is the first class that allows you to reap the benefits of being in fat-burning mode while serving wholesome foods your whole family will love. 

We've provided everything from grocery guides to meal plans to recipe videos all in one convenient place for you. 

Because you deserve to feel good!

I love keto and I know you will too

Be free... from brain fog, low energy, being hungry all the time, emotional eating, the blood sugar roller coaster and more... 

Cara Comini Keto Family Class

Hi! I'm Cara Comini, a busy mom of three awesome kiddos here in Montana. I've used the ketogenic diet in my own family, both for weight loss (me) and neurological issues (my daughter) and mental health (me again!). 

I feel so good on keto that I want to share it with YOU! 

When you change the way you eat, there are always bumps in the road. I've gone ahead to pave them over for you! 

Sign up for my Keto Family Class and you'll have help every step of the way!

Why Do You Need The Keto Family Class?

You want easy and enjoyable meals that won't have you juggling two or three different meal plans.

You feel like you are not getting enough variety but don't want recipes that call for 27 different ingredients and and send you all over town to find them. 

You can have great variety in family friendly meals your whole family will love!

keto tacos


Avoid hunting and gathering information to start the ketogenic diet... and start making progress today! The Keto Family Class has everything you need all in one place  


Multi-media class includes video workshops and recipe demonstrations in addition to the printables for to fix common mistakes and answer all your questions.  

Leave each short workshop armed with the confidence you need to succeed the following week!  

keto sandwich


No problem! So many keto recipes use TONS of cheese... but we know that dairy allergies are common. A dairy-free version is available for each menu.  

All menus are gluten free and use real food; no weird sugar alcohols or processed starches here.  


Each week you'll cook familar delicious recipes, and if you start to crave more variety, we have loads of alternatives for the daily recipes to choose from.  

Even the most novice cook will come away amazed at how Taco Tuesday and Pizza Friday came together so deliciously, quickly, and without the carbs!  


Coming into fall and winter, we have yummy comfort food including casseroles, soups, and even 'breads' to fill all your needs for warm and filling meals.  


Recipes are organized into a daily meal plan format, with an optional Sunday Meal Prep session to prepare for your busy week.  

Recipes are family-friendly and simple to prepare. Everyone will love these foods so you won't have to make two different meals every evening.  

Meal plans keep you on autopilot so that you don't have to think about what to eat every day. Grocery lists will guide you through the grocery store to make that chore easy as pie.  

keto pizza


Workshop #3 covers how to calculate nutrient needs based on your current height, weight activity levels, and goals.  

Individual needs for each member of the family (women, men, children, even athletes!) are explained so that you can proceed with confidence.  

Fix the most common problems with our Keto Troubleshooting Guide.  


Not making the progress that you did at first on the ketogenic diet? Not sure if you're still in ketosis or what's going on?  

Join our Plateau Workshop to start seeing progress again - fast!  

No more spinning your wheels... we both know you're ready to start

That's why the Keto Family Class contains delicious recipes, motivating and confidence-boosting workshops, downloadable cheat sheets, check lists, grocery guides, meal plans, and more!


Once size never fits all, that's why we offer three different ways to participate in the Keto Family Class.


You like to read and are comfortable forging your own path. Armed with your printed 5-week start guide, printed menu plan and grocery lists, and written information on individual needs for Women, Men, and Children on the Ketogenic Diet, you're ready to start your keto transformation!

Included are: 

* 4 Meal Plans with Nutrient Calculations for every recipe, meal, and day to take all the tedious calculating, menu planning, and recipe sourcing for you.

* 5-Week Starting Guide with Symptom Checklist so you can track your progress

* 20-Page e-book detailing electrolyte needs, and special considerations for women, men, and children.  


You are are looking for more of a community, with weekly video workshops, video cooking demonstrations to increase your confidence in the kitchen (and prevent food flops), and a comment section where you can ask for clarifications or troubleshooting advice. 

All the... 


*Meal plans

* Checklists from the 'downloads only' version of Keto Family are included in this class as well. 

Print, hear, see, DO!

You've got this!

 * Weekly workshops are live every Wednesday in September, January, and March 2018/19 but recordings are up in the class so that you can start absolutely any time by watching a previous recording.  


You are ready to start keto, but you'd like some assurance along the way. This version of the class contains everything the other two do, but you also get a 'phone a friend' with Cara!

When you sign up for this version of the Keto Family Class you get an hour of personal support from me in whatever media you feel most comfortable with (video chat, text, email,etc). 

Most people choose a 20-minute phone call prior to starting, another 20-minute phone call the first week, and then occasional emailing as needed to continue. 

If you've tried keto before, but fallen off the wagon due to 'life' getting in the way, this personal coaching is sure to keep you on track. 

If you still need additional help after you have used up your time, as a class member you get priority for my limited-availability of consultations. 

most popular class


With delicious easy meals planned out so you never are tempted to go back to eating carby foods, personalized help every step of the way so that you feel supported and confident, and checklists to arm you as you go into the grocery store and recipe videos to guide you in the kitchen - you're set up for success. 

Not sure if the Keto Family Class is right for you?