Minimizing Pain in Childbirth – An overview of natural and medical pain relief options

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Pain in childbirth

Announcing the minimizing pain in childbirth mini e-course!

As part of this free limited-time e-course you will be getting a series of daily emails for 7 days that talk about the different methods of pain control during labor.  Be sure to save these emails to reference later, this course is only available at select times during the year.

Whether you’re sure you want a home birth with a midwife (or unassisted!), a hospital birth with an induction and epidural ASAP, you will be supported and encouraged here.

Our goals is to have educated mothers who are comfortable with their decisions because they made them after careful research and consideration, and this e-course will guide you through pain relief decisions.

You will learn:

  • Why having a labor project can help you achieve a medication-free delivery.
  • How dad can help support you during labor, giving him ideas on how to helps makes labor better for both of you.
  • The one investment that statistically improves birth satisfaction and reduces the amount of pain medication women request.
  • How to work with your contractions rather than fight them – and how to practice this before you go into labor.

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This course is only available at select times during the year – be sure to sign up now so you don’t miss out!

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