The mind-body connection is strong with essential oils.

Because scent is such a powerful link to memories and emotions, essential oil use is a really helpful addition to your healing toolbox. 

Bringing Peace of Mind...

Get the community support you need and essential oil products you can trust and see a difference with. 

Superior Oils

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Healthy Home & Beauty

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Wise House Oils Community

Enjoy access to the Wise House Oils community when you sign up using the link above. All the educational resources, and lots of mom-to-mom support. 

Hey There!

I'm Cara, a small-town Montana mom of 3. I have a self-described love-hate relatioship with essential oils, but I really LOVE Young Living and the Wise House Oils community. 

Adding emotional support through essential oils to our healing toolbox gave us some extra help in healing and I'm excited to share it with you!

Oh, and the cleaning products... if you've wondered how I actually get my kids to clean they're a big help! They smell so good, and again, boost our emotions as we clean!

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