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Do you find produce wilting in the back of your fridge, a week after you visit the farmer’s market?

Do you resort to going out to eat or expensive convenience food because emergencies come up or your busy lifestyle gets in the way of being able to prepare and plan for dinner every evening?

Do you make dinner every night… but it causes you stress and anxiety knowing that you have to do it day in and day out?

Do you love the idea of freezer cooking, but find that you just don’t have an entire weekend, or even an entire day to devote to the cause?


You’ll benefit from afternoon freezer cooking!

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As my children got older and involved in more activities after school, I found freezer cooking to be absolutely essential in keeping healthy meals on our table and our grocery bill down.

I love having meals that I know my family will love in my all ready to go. Sometimes I feel like I actually cook MORE at home when we have freezer meals… just because the pressure is off and cooking isn’t a chore any more.

You have been telling me how helpful grocery lists, checklists, recipes, and video cooking demonstrations are for those who want to STOP letting good food go to waste and START filling the freezer with healthy freezer meals.

So I am beyond excited to let you know about my Afternoon Grain-Free Freezer Cooking Class.

I know it will be helping many families, couples, and singles have food ready to go so it’s EASIER and LESS EXPENSIVE to make a healthy choice than an unhealthy one.

When you sign up here for the freezer cooking class you get:

  • Unlimited access to grocery lists, outlines, and cooking demonstration videos for 12 separate freezer cooking afternoons including American Favorites- Remade, Cool Meals for Warm Weather, Freezer-to-Slow Cooker Meals, and Mediterranean-Themed freezer cooking, Budget Meals for Winter, and Stuffed Sweet Potatoes (beginner class), Unforgettable Freezer-to-Grill Meals, and 100 Quick Weekday Breakfasts.
  • Recipes that are grain-free and focus on cool food in warm weather, warm food in cool weather – along with seasonal produce suggestions!
  • Freezing and storage instructions for everything, to assist you in making sure your home-cooked deliciousness stays safe.
  • Informational videos to help you understand concepts like fermentation, common slow cooker mistakes, and simple ways to include healthier ingredients in your diet.

We now have a total of 12 classes:

  1. Cozy Winter Suppers (paleo, GAPS, AIP)
  2. Mediterranean Meals (Whole30, Paleo, GAPS)
  3. American Classics Remade (Whole30, Paleo, GAPS)
  4. Freezer-to-Slow Cooker (Paleo, GAPS)
  5. Soup Packs (Paleo, GAPS, Whole30)
  6. Stuffed Sweet Potatoes (Paleo, Whole30)
  7. Cool Meals for Warm Weather (GAPS)
  8. Budget Meals for Winter (GAPS, Paleo)
  9. Lunchroom Classics, remade (packed lunch class) (GAPS, Paleo)
  10. Grain-Free and Nut-Free Packed Lunches (GAPS, Paleo)
  11. Mexican Food (GAPS, Paleo, Whole30)
  12. Unforgettable Freezer-to-Grill Meals (GAPS, Paleo, Whole30)
Sign up for the Freezer Cooking Class

I want to help you

All this because I am passionate about helping you be the most productive in your kitchen, save food waste, have low-stress dinners on the table, and be able to make real food accessible.

Don’t forget- you are saving time, money, energy, and health- all by doing a simple bulk cooking afternoon, WHEN you need it. No set schedule, if you notice your freezer stash is running low, go ahead and make some time. The Health Home and Happiness Bulk Cooking class works around YOUR busy life.

Still have questions? Read frequently asked questions and their answers here.

From my kitchen (with a super happy freezer) to yours,


PS: You know you’re ready to up your kitchen game, so sign up now and stock your freezer now so that you can reap the rewards of good nutrition, delicious meals, and a kitchen that stays clean this month!