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Health, Home, and Happiness, written by Cara, is a blog about incorporating traditional food, natural remedies, and healthy habits into real life.

Cara lives in Montana with her four young children. They enjoy the sunshine, swimming, fun day trips (with food packed to bring along!) and hanging out with friends and family.

She uses background in the medical industry to help decipher what is nutritional propaganda and what are ‘statistically significant’ studies. She believes that natural, sustainably produced and traditionally prepared food is best for the earth and people alike and enjoys learning more about this all the time.

Cara started researching dietary intervention for her daughter 8 years ago, as she was on the autism spectrum at that time and conventional treatments were not helping. The family used the Gut and Psychology Syndrome protocol for 3 years, and still uses the ketogenic diet.

Most of the recipes on Health Home and Happiness are GAPS friendly and low carb and simple enough to prepare with children underfoot.  You can see the recipes in each category below.

Recipe categories

* GAPS Diet Recipes * Keto Diet Recipes* Classic Recipes (contains gluten) * Carnivore Diet Recipes * Dairy-Free Recipes *

Pregnancy and Babies

As more and more of her friends started having babies and asking Cara about recommendations, she wrote The Empowered Mother– a mother-to-mother guide from a holistic perspective to help prospective parents understand the pros and cons of conventional and natural treatment and preventative tools in pregnancy, childbirth, and the baby’s first few months.

Freezer Cooking

Lately, she has been helping families stock their freezer with delicious pre-made main dishes that are Paleo and GAPS-friendly.  Click here to learn more about grain-free freezer cooking.

The goal of Health, Home, and Happiness is to encourage the average family that eating real wholesome foods is something that is a priority in our lives and can realistically be done in any family.