The Empowered Mother

One course of antibiotics can change your baby’s immune system forever (but there are ways you can build it back up). One nutritional supplement can be the difference between having energy or not during your pregnancy.  One change in the way you look at life can produce an optimistic child who sees the good even in difficult circumstances.

Simple healthy changes that you make early in your children’s lives impact not only your children, but generations to come.

Introducing The Empowered Mother

A 42-week e-book guide so you can easily make informed decisions through pregnancy, birth, and the baby’s first few weeks.

The Empowered Mother is an e-book of short weekly reading topics and questions to easily guide you through your pregnancy to help you make informed decisions that work for your pregnancy, your priorities, your budget, and your family – Questions that will affect your child’s health for their whole life.

  • Essential information on making an informed decision about a medical interventions associated with pregnancy, birth, and the newborn period- everything from whether you need a blood test to confirm pregnancy to knowing which iron supplement is most absorbable in case of anemia to learning why waiting a few minutes to cut the umbilical cord can help your baby’s health and help your recovery as well!
  • Information is broken up in short easy-to-read entries pertinent to each stage of pregnancy.  Resources are given for further research of those topics that you want to look more into.
  • There’s a hyperlinked resource page with links to medical studies, more information on decisions you will be making, and more.
  • Issues covered include: Medication use during pregnancy, the pros and cons of different screening tests, pros and cons of ultrasound and Doppler use, what the studies say about vaccines during pregnancy, even what the current thoughts are about causes of autism and how you can take steps to minimize the risk of your child having autism.
  • There are also weekly recipes to give you fresh, nutrient-dense, and morning sickness friendly recipes for each part of pregnancy. *recipes are gluten free, and loved by everyone in the family.
  • What you put on your skin and breathe in affects your baby as well – we’ll look at simple swaps for toxic products, and then you can decide what works for you at this stage in your life.
  • You want to remember all the joys, changes, and dreams of pregnancy– each Friday find a pregnancy journal topic to write about, a suggestion for maternity pictures, and other suggestions to help you remember this precious time.
  • And you’ll have access to a tight-knit online community (Facebook group) of fellow members, to journey through pregnancy together, think through decisions that you need to make, and support one another.


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A 42-week guide to the decisions made during pregnancy, birth, and the baby’s first few weeks.

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A truly holistic guide, this book includes just the right mix of scientific explanations and traditional wisdom all peppered with a dash of the author’s personal experiences as a mom of three. I highly recommend The Empowered Mother to my patients and for all expectant parents hoping to have a healthy, happy pregnancy, birth and beyond.
Emily Bartlett, L.Ac.
Acupuncturist, co-author of Feed Your Fertility, and blogger at

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An e-book that shows you how to get the nutrition you need to breastfeed and still get back to your pre-pregnancy weight easily.

    • Enjoy exercise with the family – with a goal to increase enjoyment in life, not burn calories
    • Eat more on your hungry days, especially while your baby is having a growth spurt, without setting up bad habits
    • Lost the weight in 6 months or less with this easy plan


“Realistic and Bite Sized”

“This is the pregnancy roadmap I wish I’d had!  The Empowered Mother is your one stop resource with realistic “bite-size” tweaks you can make a long the way that will greatly impact your pregnancy, childbirth and your baby’s life.  I highly recommend it.”

Sylvie- Author of The Gelatin Secret and blogger at


This is me and my 3rd baby, I  wish I had known as much with my 1st pregnancy as I did with my 3rd.

Knowledgeable moms are happy and comfortable in their ability to parent.  This peace and joy is passed along for happier, healthier babies.


I’m Cara, and I’m here to help you ask the right questions, and then find the answers…

Friends and family members are starting to have their first children, and they’re coming to me asking different questions.

    • Is exercise safe during pregnancy?
    • What about food additives? Which are the worst?
    • What nutrition-related things can I do to improve my baby’s health that my doctor isn’t telling me about?
    • Do I want to circumcise my boy or not?
    • What does the research say about vaccines during pregnancy and my baby’s infancy?
    • If I want to have a hospital birth, how can I make sure my wishes are respected?
    • What prenatal vitamins are best? Aren’t they all standardized and the same (no!)?
    • What do I really need equipment-wise when I have a baby? What carseat is best? What baby carrier?
    • I’m returning to work after having the baby, how can I boost my milk supply so that I can provide her with pumped milk?
    • Are IVs really necessary in labor?
    • What things do I need to do to prepare my home if we’re having a home birth?
    • How do I take care of the umbilical cord?


As a mom of 3 I have the modern knowledge of how things are done now vs how they were done when your mom had babies. And I also have the life experience to know that just because something works for one person, it isn’t necessarily going to work for everyone. By the way questions keep coming, modern moms are hungry for information that I want to share with you.

I want to help you figure out what works best for your family because when you are making fully informed decisions you will make better decisions.

Not your know-it-all neighbor’s family. Not your mom’s or mother-in-law’s agenda.  Not a pushy nurse’s ideals. What are your priorities, fears, and concerns?  You’ll learn how to address those and make decisions that you’re comfortable with.


Don’t Say, “I wish I had known!” With a little more information, just a few minutes of reading a few times a week, you can avoid the heartbreak of making permanent decisions without all the information. The mom who champions for human rights every day would have chosen to not circumcise, but she thought that it had to be done to every little boy.  It doesn’t. The parents who are dealing with regressive autism now, and wish they had known to look into vaccines more carefully before they vaccinated their young son. Even if you are set on vaccinating, there are some easy ways to reduce risk of adverse reactions that your doctor won’t tell you about.  Even the dad who didn’t realize that the kind of diapers that you use can be the cause diaper rash – his little one had bad rashes all through babyhood, and a simple fix could have alleviated that completely.  Some of the ingredients in regular baby diapers and wipes cause rashes for many babies. You won’t see THAT advertised on the package, though. 

“I can’t wait to recommend this to my clients!”

rachel jones doula and childbirth educator

Rachel Jones Doula and Childbirth Educator

“I love how the information is presented in a clear and not judgmental way. As a doula and childbirth educator, I have clients who want to birth in a hospital and get turned off by some of the natural childbirth books, but then they often have regrets about the standard procedures in the hospital.  The Empowered Mother clearly talks about pros and cons and encourages families to decide on what is right for their particular family without judgement, only support and encouragement.”

Make decisions that work for your family

Everyone’s got an opinion about babies, pregnancy, and childbirth, but what really matters is what you think. I’ll show you:

    • The pros and cons of different options, and how to advocate for your choices during pregnancy, birth and beyond.
    • Links to studies and trials, done by real doctors so that you know you’re making evidence-based decisions and not relying on old wive’s tales or outdated information.
    • How to evaluate what the *real risk* is for things that are considered taboo in pregnancy. Can you exercise? Is it really bad to eat fish? If my doctor said to stay out of hot tubs, how about hot baths?
    • The difference between the parenting philosophies – and how you can use the attachment theory without having to commit to all aspects of attachment parenting if you don’t want to.
    • Simple tips to reduce the amount of toxins your baby is exposed to just by changing a few products around your house!


Learn how to do things that you thought you had to go to the doctor to do

Pregnancy is a normal part of being a woman, and in most cases you will not actually need medical intervention at all.  How much you want to get is up to you, but it’s also empowering to know how to check on your baby yourself, at home, as often as you desire. I’ll show you:

    • How to feel the way your baby moves and feel the outside of your tummy to tell your baby’s position – without an ultrasound!
    • The simple inexpensive tool that you can buy and listen to baby’s heartbeat at home any time you want!
    • How something as simple as sitting on the couch differently can encourage your baby to be in the optimal position for delivery – making an easier and faster delivery for both of you.

“Knocked it out of the park”

“Cara, this book is so good. You really knocked it out of the park with this one. I’m still working on pinning down what it is I like about it so much. I love how you give the information, but not all the overwhelming details, but then provide the resources so the mom can research the topics in which SHE finds herself interested. Genius. ”  – Terri, mom of 6 from Oregon

 Empowered Mothers make Evidence Based Decisions – Not Fear Based

Emotional arguments can upset new mothers. Pregnancy is a precious time. Don’t waste it being pressured into decisions that don’t have any evidence behind them.

    • The simple position change during labor that faciliates an easier delivery, including delivery of a baby with shoulder dystocia without a painful episiotomy, forceps extraction, or c-section.
    • What ‘pit to distress’ is, and how to avoid it
    • The real reasoning behind not allowing a woman to eat during labor


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How is this different from other pregnancy books?

Mainstream pregnancy books cycle through the same fear-based information that keep you reliant on your doctor for every decision and question.  Natural birth books can make you feel guilty for choices if you choose to use an epidural, birth in a hospital, or do anything other than attachment parenting.  All pregnancy books can be overwhelming to read- by the time you get through them, you’ve forgotten what you read in the beginning chapters.

The Empowered Mother is broken into weekly reading, with a couple things to focus on each week.  The advantages, disadvantages, and alternatives for each decision are presented for you, and you can use the detailed resource page with links that correspond to each week to do more research as you desire to.

Topics are presented in a nonjudgemental format. I share personal stories about what I did in the book, but if you choose different from me, that’s still great! What’s important is that you are making decisions that work for you, not that you are blindly following a particular philosophy.

I know I want a hospital birth, is this for me?

Do you know where the safest place to give birth is? It’s where YOU feel most comfortable. When a woman is doing what she is most comfortable with, her body will do what it was made to do. Fear can cause labor to stall, more pain, and unnecessary stress.  I want you to do what you feel comfortable, and you are the only one who can make that decision.

"Healthy" doesn't mean you have to look (or smell) like a hippie

“Healthy” doesn’t mean you have to look (or smell) like a hippie

What if I’m not into that weird hippie stuff?

Me either.  I wear Miss Me jeans, cowboy boots, silver hoop earrings, and makeup.  Healthy nontoxic alternatives that are safe and effective were around way before the 70s, and they can easily be a part of every modern household now.

You don’t have to smell like a hippie to make healthier choices, either. I’ll show you how to make safe nontoxic deodorant that works even better than the store brand.  And how to choose shampoo and lotion that works and is so safe your baby can use it, so if you bring them in the tub with you, you don’t have to worry about their sensitive skin breaking out in a rash.

Risk free!

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Not sure if this is for you? I offer a 30-day no questions asked guarantee! If you’re unsatisfied with your purchase for any reason, just email me within 30 days of purchase and receive a full refund.  I want you to be happy with your purchase!


Don’t go into pregnancy uninformed and making decisions without consideration.  You don’t want to regret what you didn’t know.  Click here to buy now so you don’t miss out on essential information for pregnant mothers!