Hello everyone! I have had such a fantastic journey writing at Health Home and Happiness for the past 15 (!) years. It’s time for a new chapter in my life as kids and I all get older :)

What to expect from me going forward:

  • For now, I’m keeping my email list with the scheduled sequences (like mini classes) about keto, carnivore, GAPS, the Soup Challenge and more.
  • I’m trying to still get back to people with questions- but I’m only answering questions about once a week by email.
  • I may pop in and post occasionally, but more as a hobby than being consistent.
  • If I find another fantastic recipe, or super effective health protocol, I’ll let you know still! But much less frequently than I have been.
  • My GAPS bookCarnivore Book, and Soup Book are still available on Amazon :)
  • I made all my classes free, they are a bit dated (as shown by the age of my children that pop in and out of the videos!) but the information is still information I use every day and is just as relevant in 2024 and beyond as it was in 2010 and before! Find the classes here: GAPS Starter Package, Picky Eating Solution, Keto Family Class, Carnivore Class, Freezer Cooking Class
  • I may slowly turn my old classes into paperback books- part of my reason for stopping the blog is due to my desire to spend less time on electronics, and I’d like to help you be able to do that as well.

What I’ve been up to instead of blogging:

I really needed a break from the computer, and I’ve returned to one of my previous passions- dogs! I’ve been pet sitting on Rover (click here to check it out) and we all love it. People bring me their cute dogs, and the kids adore playing with them and I love that it forces me outside for walks on a regular basis.

I’ve also been gardening more, focusing on flowers but still growing a few veggies for the kids. Here in Montana the learning curve on how to grow with a short growing season has been a steep learning curve, but I’m getting the hang of it- and again- I love being away from the screen and outside!

I’m still loving reading- I’ll add to this Historical Fiction book review post as I find great ones.

Lastly, I realized since stopping blogging how much mental energy I was spending planning out posts and videos and ‘rehearsing’ in my head before I wrote or recorded. I feel like this put me in near-constant ‘performance’ mode, so I am enjoying just doing things in the moment, without a thought of how I can share.

Some notes about my oldest child, as I know we have been ‘mini case studies’ for some of you!

My oldest, Hannah, and the reason for my deep-dive into nutrition when all else was failing, is a beautiful, happy and healthy young woman. She still has significant special needs and will remain with me, but really has a high quality of life that I am forever thankful for. She is set to graduate next year and will be starting assisted employment within the community, so I will be helping her with that.

I wish you all the best and I’m so thankful for this community that we’ve had together for the past 15 years.


PS:I have a ton of broken links in these posts, I’m truly sorry and trying to gradually go through them.


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