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Blogging Resources I use

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Products that I use:

Please note that you don’t need all of these as you start out! As my blog grows and I want to better serve my readers with more options and custom content, I’ve added different software. To start you really only need a domain name, inexpensive hosting, and a newsletter.

Hosting for smaller blogs: Bluehost

Hosting for bigger blogs: BigScoots

Where to buy domain names (your .com) : Bluehost

Bookkeeping: Godaddy

Newsletter service: Convertkit

Pop ups and landing pages: Leadpages

Checkout pages and affiliate program: Samcart

Staying on track with goals: The Freedom Journal

Photography & Videos

As internet speed is consistently fast, video is becoming more and more of a useful way to connect with your audience and bring your personality to your blog or website.

Equipment I use:

Cannon rebel DSLR, and all the items in this package. This has come down a lot in price since I was first starting out, there’s no reason why anyone who is serious about making money online shouldn’t be both shooting videos (no GoPro please! They make everything look like it’s through a fish eye lens) and taking pictures with a DSLR.

Cowboy Studios Light set. I shoot mostly with natural light, but for my videos being able to even out the light and put it directly on the presenter’s face makes for a much higher quality video.

Rode Mic and Wind Shield. It’s a subtle difference (the microphone on the camera I linked above is pretty good) but the professional quality of the video is higher with the microphone.  Lots of people listen to video in one tab, and then come back to it when they get to a part they want to watch, so your audio is just as important as your video quality.

Iphone Tripod.  This adjustable tripod is easy to set up and perfect for getting rid of the shake (it’s nerve wracking to go live!) during your Facebook or Instagram Live videos, or anywhere else you’re shooting with your phone.  While I still don’t recommend you use an Iphone for a main camera, it’s helpful for taking little ‘life shots’ that your readers will identify with.

Some reasons to start a blog:

To share what you know: Are more people coming to you for advice on a certain topic than you have time to answer? My first blog posts started as just answering the questions that my friends had about the GAPS diet. From there I posted requested recipes and pictures and it continued to grow. But my goal at first was just to share and help people who wanted to try the GAPS diet or to make healthy changes in their family.

You want to earn a little income: After my blog started to take off, I learned to monetize through affiliate links, making my own products, and selling advertising.  The awesome thing about blogging for income is that even if you can only work on it for a few months, it’s on the internet ALWAYS and will continue making an income even after you stop blogging.  I have a friend who blogged diligently for about a year, and then went to grad school for two and completely stopped blogging, yet she still makes a couple hundred dollars a month from the work she did a long time ago.  This is the joy of passive income!  Unlike taking a parttime job at a coffee shop, or working somewhere seasonally, the pay doesn’t stop just because you stop working.

You want a place to document your family, your life, or some other project.  This is originally how blogging started – it was called web-logging and featured many people’s lives.  When you blog your child’s babyhood (don’t worry – it’s easy to keep private if you want to), or a project, everything you write is kept in chronological order, and without cluttering up your house or getting lost.  With the option to do a simple RSS email feed, you can easily email your updates to anyone who might be interested.

These are just three reasons to start a blog – and with all the topics that you can include, you might find that they’re addicting! I personally have three blogs going right now, and plans for many more!  I do want to help you out as you start, so go ahead and click over here to sign up for my free newsletter that gets you started in 7 days using simple steps.

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