Eucalyptus essential oil

Growing up, my best friend a couple hills over (I grew up in the country) had a giant eucalyptus grove at the bottom of the hill where her house sat. Within the grove we hid from boogie men, made play houses by stringing the loose woody eucalyptus bark over other low branches, and hid from parents and siblings alike. Upon taking my children to visit this magical place of my childhood, I discovered that it really was only a few dozen feet from the house, her parents knew (and could easily see) where we were at all times, and the grove really wasn’t that big.

But the smell remained the same, eucalyptus is one of my favorites. It has a clear clean scent, with lots of good memories attached.

Whenever anyone in the house has a stuffy nose I drop a few drops of this in the bottom of my shower (remember, water doesn’t dilute essential oils, so they’ll be full strength in a bath, to dilute in the bath add a couple drops to a few tablespoons of coconut oil and the essential oils will dissolve in the coconut oil) and the steam carries the scent through the house.

Eucalyptus, even just tearing a leaf in half and inhaling it, opens nasal passageways. It works well to repel bugs for those evening walks around the pond too.  You can find it here.

Eucalyptus oil does need to be used with caution around babies and children – see more about the cautions here.

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