Room-by-room, what I use to clean


All purpose cleaner, homemade: Table, chairs, sink if it gets yucky, glasstop stove, counters, (okay, I have kids… we can include the walls as well). I’ll show you how to make all purpose cleaner later this week, it totally rocks!

Cotton knitted dish cloths: I wipe off everything a handmade dish cloth, these are great.  There are some for sale on Etsy here, or just search knitted dish cloths on  If you knit at all, they are fun to knit, and yes they get hard use, but they get *used* which is what I want for my knitting. Instructions here.

Liquid Dish Soap: I use Seventh Generation (Target has it too), usually in unscented with my own essential oils added in (15 drops). I’m on a tangerine-peppermint kick right now.

Liquid Dishwasher Detergent: I just started using Biokleen at the recommendation of Katie of Kitchen Stewardship, until this week I was using Cascade ultra toxic. Because it worked and I didn’t want to risk having to hand wash dishes. Ahem.  So far the Biokleen has worked well, I’ll let you know how it goes as time goes on.


All purpose cleaner: I have Tropical Traditions all purpose cleaner, which I have a giveaway for going up tomorrow, in my bathroom.  I use this for the sink, tub, and toilet.

Vinegar: I use vinegar for the mirror, and to make the faucet sparkle.  I just learned in Clean House Clean Planet that just adding 15 drops of peppermint oil nearly completely covers up the vinegar and it works really well! I don’t love the smell of vinegar,

Bathroom cleaning: I love it that I actually manage to accomplish this efficiently, so I’ll share my bathroom cleaning routine (cleaning/organizing are not my strengths!).  While my children are in the tub, I take the  hand towel (I figure that if the sink needs to be cleaned, the hand towel likely does too) and spray vinegar on the mirror.  Wipe off the mirror quickly, then spray down the counter top and sink.  Start with the faucet; the vinegar on your rag makes it all shiny, and finish with the sink (the dirtiest part).  The tub is next, then the toilet is last, I use the all purpose cleaner for everything but the mirror. I use a different rag if I have to do the floor as well; honestly, I usually just use the bath towel I threw down after someone perhaps dumped/splashed/dripped water outside of the tub while they were taking a bath. And it’s done!


Soapnuts: Still loving these! I bought $30 worth about 3 months ago, and the bag is still going strong. I’m guessing it will last me an entire year.

Oxygen bleach: I just started using this, and I think it’s a worthwhile addition to my ‘lights’ loads.

Powdered detergent: In case I missplaced my little bags of soapnuts, or for when my husband does laundry.

I’ll be back to food soon, last week was a ‘body care’ type week (posture information, workout information, and natural cosmetics), this week is about nontoxic home care (Homemade cleaner book review, purchasable nontoxic cleaner review, and I’m posting about making homemade all purpose cleaner next).  I have one more non-food item; homemade all purpose salve, but I’ll do that after I post on natural sourdough starter out of sprouted flour, healthy milkshakes, and kimchi.  I was just on a mission to get rid of my toxic cleaners; spring cleaning must have set in late in this household!

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