Not only does skin reflect what’s going on inside, but it also is super important for our quality of life. When our skin is itchy, dry, rashey, or breaking out it not only makes us self conscious, but the discomfort is an ever-present distraction from more important work.

It is thought that the skin breaking out is our first indicator of an imbalance in our body, whether it’s a temporary one caused by an environmental allergen (changing laundry soap, etc), or a bigger issue that starts within the gut.

In any case, these 5 power foods are easy to include in your diet will get you on your way to clear, clean, itch-free skin in no time.

Chicken Stock contains easy-to-digest proteins, vitamins, and minerals that are healing to the gut- and it’s thought that our skin reflects exactly how good of shape our gut is in. (find chicken stock here or make your own)

Collagen, like chicken stock, is made of animal protein that is easy to consume because it is tasteless. I stir a scoop into my tea in the evening, and watch my skin smooth out an nails and hair grow like crazy in just a week.  (find collagen here)

Gelatin, similar to collagen but it doesn’t dissolve as easily into hot liquids, makes awesome gummy treats (think: healthy gummy bears!) while providing easy-to-digest protein and trace nutrients needed for healthy skin.  (find gelatin here)

Sauerkraut provides probiotics, vitamin c, and enzymes to keep your microbiome in shape.  Did you know there is a whole ecosystem of bacteria, fungi, and yeasts all over your body? Helping this jungle of microorganisms to thrive, and encouraging the good ones to grow creates harmony within your gut for digestion, and even on your skin.  If your skin has breakouts or gets frequent rashes, it could be that the particular ecosystem that is residing in, and on, you just isn’t working for you.  Switch it up and watch your skin glow in new health.  (find sauerkraut recipe here)

Coconut Oil is a healthy, easily-digestable fat that contains the essential fatty acids that every single cell in your body needs to repair and replace itself.  Considering the wear and tear that skin cells get from every day use, exposure to the elements, and environmental toxins, these cells are going to need excellent nutrition to be able to repair and regenerate as needed.  Coconut oil can replace any cooking oil. (find coconut oil here)

And while we’re including more of the good, let’s take this time to take out some foods that are known to cause skin issues.

Remove these from your diet for healthy skin: 

Hydrogenated oils: When we looked at coconut oil up above, we realized how essential fats are in our diet for skin repair and replacement. When we’re consuming hydroginated oils, we’re providing our body with Ditch: Margarine, shortening (Crisco), and any butter replacements.

Allergens Wheat, Dairy, and Eggs: Not every person who has skin issues will need to remove these foods from their diet, but if you are struggling with constant eczema, acne, or other bothersome breakouts, doing an elimination diet can get to the root of the problem.  Thankfully, all the foods we included above can actually heal food sensitivities caused by leaky gut, so it’s likely that you’ll only need to remove these foods (or one of them) for a couple weeks, not long term- but you’ll get to enjoy the benefits of healthy skin from then on out.

And chocolate is responsible for skin issues in many women, but I won’t insist you pull it out, just keep in in mind… perhaps avoid it the week before you get family portraits taken :)

health home and happiness bathroom - makeup bag

What we put on our skin matters a ton too. I use mineral and clay-based makeup (brand name Tarte) that is actually GOOD for my skin and won’t cause breakouts after I wear it.  I love their foundation powder, mascara, eye liner, and contour palette.