Looking back to this spring when I started looking into remineralizing teeth and holistic dentistry, I started using tooth soap, and actually took the step of getting my root-canalled tooth pulled back in September.

I know it’s not something to be taken lightly to have a root canal pulled out because of future health concerns, but I weighed the pros and cons for myself and elected to have our dentist pull it.  After pulling, the dentist noted there was a lot of granulomatous tissue in the area, suggesting that my body was attempting to wall off an area of chronic infection.  Within a week I saw a huge improvement in the oral allergy syndrome that I had.  While I had the root canal tooth in, every time I’d try to eat any raw fruit or veggie my whole mouth would itch and begin to swell. After having all my fruits and veggies cooked for years, eating raw is a welcome change! I still get a little itching with avocados (that’s the first veggie that bothered me, or are avocados fruits? I can’t remember now) but nothing like it was before and it’s going away as time passes.  I’m sure looking forward to eating fruit salad this summer, as well as fresh vine-ripened tomatoes, both things I couldn’t have before without dealing with the itching and swelling.

In addition to getting rid of oral allergy syndrome, I’ve been able to tolerate many more milk products now without getting sinus infections.  This could be a combination of getting the root canal pulled (it was a top back molar, so near the maxillary sinus) and being on GAPS, but I do think that both have played a role in being able to eat cheese without sinus or GI issues.

I also got some sort of arthritis following the birth of both of my children, pain and stiffness in my ankles and feet especially in the morning, for about 3 months after childbirth. I’m curious to see if this happens again, now that I don’t have the root canal.  I believe it was an autoimmune issue, but of course can’t be positive.

Tooth Soap
After reading about pulling teeth, are you now thinking that maybe brushing your teeth with soap isn’t so extreme after all? ~grin~ I still like using tooth soap and I use it on my kids. I haven’t converted my husband yet.  He tried it once and said he used lots and it was too soapy.  Go figure, sweetheat, more isn’t always better.  I just use a little and I don’t mind it, and neither do the kids.  I have noticed this winter that my teeth aren’t nearly as sensitive to cold as they once were.  I still have the two little cavities that I’m hoping will heal.  Eating more real foods and less processed foods should help this as well.  I am perfectly happy using soap as my toothpaste still, 6 months later.


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