I brushed off the idea of tooth soap when I first heard about it. I was still thinking that there isn’t much that can be done for teeth. As I’m looking more in depth into dental problems, I do think it might be worth looking into.

First off, I checked the ingredients (source). It’s basically coconut/palm/olive oil soap with an added essential oil for taste/smell. That works for me! A while back I was thinking about getting into soap making, so I know that when they say ‘soapanified’ they mean that they used lye to process the oils into soap. That’s okay with me, but I’m going to make sure I’m buying from a reputable company so that the lye is sure to be properly used up in the chemical process. I remember learning that olive oil makes a nice soft lather, and coconut and palm oils make lots of suds, but are drying to the skin.

Next, I went to find some feedback from people who weren’t selling tooth soap, since that seems to be a good safeguard.

I found this website that suggests just using plain all natural unscented olive oil soap from a health food store. But I wonder if the drying properties of coconut oil in the soap are important?

Here is a product review. It looks like this tooth soap has the same ingredients, but is in a dropper/liquid form? That might be easier. Not sure how I feel about brushing my teeth with little curls of actual soap.

And another overview

Next I tried to see if anything big and useful came up when I googled ‘tooth soap scam’ ‘tooth soap myth’ or any combination like that. I didn’t find anything other than saying that it’s overpriced and some claims are way exaggerated. I can take that. I think it’s worth a try, so I’ll be looking into buying it next month (it’s the end of the month, you know how that goes…)

Update: I’m using Rose of Sharon Acres’ Tooth Chips- Soap for Teeth.  I like the shavings because it keeps tooth brush germs off of the soap.  Also, her flavorings (I like peppermint the best so far) are stronger, so the soap taste is much less.
You can buy a sampler here
Or buy the peppermint here
The code HealthHomeHappy gives you a 12% one-time discount on her tooth care products, excluding sample sizes.

Update: Got my Tooth Soap
Update: After using for about a month

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