butternut squash chips

Butternut Squash Chips

The crunch and saltiness of chips, without the mess and expense of deep frying!  Butternut squash is allowed on the GAPS diet and is a lower carb alternative to potato.  These work best if cut into very thin slices with a very sharp knife.   During the process of dehydrating, they curl up like conventional potato chips- fun!

2 large butternut squash necks
2 tablespoons olive oil (buy here)
¼ teaspoon sea salt

Peel butternut squash neck (reserve the bulb for another use)
Slice as thinly as possible into rounds
Toss with olive oil in a bowl, using your hands or a fork if you wish
Lay in a single layer on dehydrator tray, sprinkle with salt.
Dehydrate 12 hours, or until crisp, on high if your dehydrator has temperature settings.

We highly recommend the Excalibur dehydrator: it’s perfect for making yogurt too- you can fit quart jars in the 5-tray, but if you have an abundant garden that you’d like to preserve produce from, the 9-tray is a worthwhile upgrade. I haven’t found the need for the timer.