Quite PMS, by Lauren of Empowered Sustenance, is a new e-book about every woman’s dream- to be PMS free!  Lauren has researched the root causes of PMS, and gentle natural foods you can eat to correct the deficiency at its’ root, eliminating PMS.

A couple summers ago I was so over PMS, and I quickly went for a search for natural remedies to get rid of the drama in my head that occurred every month.  The remedy I found with a quick internet search was to take apple cider vinegar daily (1 tablespoon in a glass of water).  It worked- my PMS symptoms are about 80% gone.  When I tell friends and family my PMS story, they all think that’s fantastic, but they’re not into drinking vinegar daily.  Now, with Quit PMS, I have another resource to point them to so they can try other remedies in the book that don’t include daily drinking vinegar.

Lauren does include a vinegar tonic, but she’s smart and her recipe includes honey- this would make the drink much easier for a beginner to drink (I personally like the vinegar taste now, so it’s not a problem- I think we grow to crave the things that we need)

quit pms recipes

Quit PMS also includes dozens of GAPS friendly nourishing and delicious recipes to help you support your body nutritionally so it doesn’t send you into PMS monthly.

Here’s what else is coverd in Quit PMS:

  • Estrogen Dominance
  • Macronutrients 101
  • 7 Dietary Principles for Happy Hormones
  • Good Period Foods (Foods to Emphasize)
  • Bad Period Foods (Foods to Minimize)
  • Detox and Elimination
  • Stress and Stress Reduction
  • Supplements
  • The Pill and Hormone Therapy
  • Skin Solutions
  • Better Period Products


 Quit PMS is a new book that every woman needs to read. PMS is miserable, and it turns out we don’t need to suffer any more.

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