Do you have favorite holiday foods that you’re wary to serve this year? Do ‘traditional’ recipes in your family involve boxed stuffing, sticky buns from a tube, and cans of cranberry sauce?

If you have recently started eating a diet full of whole foods, you may be surprised to find that you don’t even like the processed holiday foods you once loved!  White flour bread now is sticky and glue-like, you can smell the artificial ingredients in canned cookie dough, and the food dye added to everything from marshmallows on the candied yams to frosting on the gingerbread men gives you headaches or makes your children grumpy and hyperactive. It’s time to update holiday food to be taste, nourishing, and special!
Lox Cornucopias

Jenny from Nourished Kitchen has put together a holiday cooking class so you can create new nourishing favorites!

Click Here to sign up now, either for the entire class with 175 special tasty recipes, or if your time is limited pick and choose the classes that interest you the most. Coupon Code NK20 gives you 20% off!

Get your holiday shopping done early this year, and then spend December in the kitchen making new nourishing holiday favorites with your loved ones!

Grain-Free Holiday Desserts, Breakfasts, and Side Dishes

Candied Butternut Squash, Zesty Lime Custard, Honey-Sweetened Pecan Pie, Slow Cooker Cranberry Sauce, and 10 more holiday recipes that you'll love for the way they taste and the way they make you feel.

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