Make or buy natural deodorant that works


If 2014 is your year to start making healthy changes, and you haven’t already switched over to a natural deodorant (that works!) I want you to start there!

The combination of baking soda and coconut oil in my homemade deodorant are not only is completely nontoxic, it’s actually healthy with the medium chain fatty acids in the coconut oil.  Commercial deodorants and antiperspirants, on the other hand, are not only filled with well known aluminum, but also para bans, artificial fragrances, colors, and other chemicals.

Why start here? Because it’s a simple change, it doesn’t cost much, and I believe it’s super important!

Think about where your pits are.

They’re right near your lymph nodes and breasts. The skin there is really thin, and things are easily absorbed there.  Is that a place you want to be bombarding with chemicals daily?

No, or course not, you say, but if the natural stuff doesn’t work, I won’t use it! I can’t commit social and professional suicide by stinking all day!

The best part about my homemade deodorant and Primal Pit Paste is that they DO work!

I’ve tried a bunch of different kinds from the health food store, and you’re right, they don’t work for most people.  Sometimes a diet change can work (I don’t need anything while on GAPS intro) but it doesn’t always work for everyone, and doesn’t always last.

So, this is one quick and easy change you can make- if you’re skeptical, just try it the first day on a day you’ll be home and not going out.  Then you’ll see ;)

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