I borrowed (rented?) the book The Maker’s Diet from the library. Like Nourishing Traditions, I had to look it over and then put it away to digest (pun not intended :) ) for a while. Then after thinking about it, I decided to buy it used from Amazon. After re-reading it this past week, I’ve decided to do the 40 day ‘diet’ of such. I’ve got 5 pounds of pregnancy weight still to lose, and I’d like to work out some blood sugar issues.

I’m planning on starting May 1st. The modifications that I’m doing is that I’m going to be skipping his supplement ideas and instead use the same prenatal that I’ve been using (Source of Life). I’m also dairy free since going dairy free has almost completely cleared up my exclusively breastfed 5-month-old’s eczema. Also, I’m going to be doing it as cheaply as possible. Well, maybe not quite, but I am going to be trying to balance thriftiness with wholesomeness since we’re on Dave Ramsey’s program as well.

I’ll go ahead and work on getting my meal plan this week and put it up so you have time to prepare if you’d like to do it along with me. It’s my goal to not only list what I ate, but also how I incorporated ‘my’ food into my family’s meals since my 2 year old and husband are not going to be joining me, especially for the low-carb phase one of the 40 days. I’ll try and do a cost breakdown for each meal, though that would just be a guideline for most of you since food costs vary so much for different regions.

For shopping, I’ll be going to Costco, Albertson’s, and the health food store for some bulk items.

I’ll be back soon with some menu plans, preparation instructions, and shopping lists.