Question: Can you use Advanced TRS spray with metal fillings?

Yes, it is totally find to use TRS with silver fillings. The silver is ‘stable’ and not active, so it isn’t affected by the TRS.  TRS goes after the metal that is in your body and looking for something to bind with.

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If you DO have metal fillings, I do recommend using a maintenance dose of TRS until you are able to have them removed safely. There are specific safety techniques involved in reducing as much of the silver filling (amalgam) that can escape removal and cross the blood-brain barrier as possible. You can see an overview of recommendations here:

TRS use with metal fillings

Silver mercury amalgam restorations are comprised of 50% mercury, with the balance being silver, copper, tin, and zinc. (source)

While they are stable when left alone, the daily grinding with chewing breaks off tiny microscopic pieces of the fillings. These release into the bloodstream and look for a place to adhere to in your body. If your body can’t process the mercury and other heavy metals out in time, the metals bind to your organs and other tissues, causing disruption in nerve signals, hormone uptake, and more.

When we use TRS, the TRS molecule has a strong charge that the mercury is highly attracted to. This helps the mercury to be contained within the TRS molecule for easy removal, NOT your organs and tissues.

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