fermented cod liver oil salty

You might be a real foodie if…

  • You leave milk out on the counter overnight… on purpose
  • You know what CLO stands for
  • You have a giant container of vinegar in your bathroom
  • Mason jars are your drinking glasses
  • Your blood pressure raises when you hear public service announcements about anything health related
  • You’re more likely to recommend an elimination diet than a medication
  • You get excited talking about mushrooms
  • You have a ‘milk pool’ rather than a car pool
  • You’ve taken pictures of your children with the cows that make the milk they drink.
  • You ferment.
  • You buy your fats in gallon (or 5 gallon!) buckets
  • You can smell the ammonia in conventional beef
  • You shop for clothes at Good Will in order to be able to afford grassfed beef

From others:

You just might be a real foodie if…

  • You have jars of homemade whey in your refrigerator…and you use them. (Mira)
  • You know the best place to purchase bulk herbs to make your own pregnancy tea. (April)
  • You have actual conversations with the people who provide you with eggs, milk, pastured chickens, vegetables, etc. (Laurie)
  • You lie awake at night brainstorming where you could construct housing for dairy goats. (Julia)
  • You have more concoctions brewing on the kitchen counter than the average high school science lab. (Julia)
  • You can’t enjoy a good meal at a restaurant because you’re assessing the pesticide load of the veggies, stressing over how the meat and dairy animals were raised, and bemoaning which ingredients would be soooo much better if only they were lacto-fermented.  (Julia)
  • You think of a shot as having your daily dose of beet kvass (Patricia)
  • You actually cry over *raw* spilled milk. (Kat)
  • You can never keep up with all the egg whites accumulating in your fridge. (Kat) I use them for this cake! We make it at least once a week now

    Smoothie To Be

  • Skim milk is what you feed to your pets or garden after you make butter for yourself. (Kat)
  • You personally know the farmer who raises the meat/fowl and grows the produce you feed your family. (Linda)
  • People ask why you make everything from scratch and “Why can’t you just buy it??” (Audrey)
  • Your friends and family wonder why you’re not fat with all the butter, lard, and bacon grease you use. (Audrey)
  • The farmers market is the highlight of your week during the summer. (Audrey)
  • You get asked frequently “Why don’t you just take medication for it?” (Audrey)
  • You’re always trying to find a way to sneak in more butter, cream, cultured dairy, or, really, anything that’s been fermented. (Audrey)
  • Your friends are afraid to eat the food you prepare because you tell them of the benefits of all the ‘live’ food and how proud you are of all the ‘bugs’ in it! (Nadine)
  • You’re on the hunt for “vintage” cookbooks where all they HAD to cook with was REAL food! (Cindy)
  • Your child sees farm animals and instead of saying, “Aw, how cute!” he says, “Yum!” and licks his lips. (Jenny)
  • Your child makes up little songs about ferments- “komubucha, komucha, COOOOOMMMMMMMEandgititBUCHA!” (Barb)
  • Your first question when you go to a restaurant is, “Do you have real butter? Are you SURE it’s real?” (Kelly)
  • You design your house/remodel/look for a house with fermenting in mind! I have decided I must had a culturing / fermentation center either in the kitchen or the walk in pantry. (Pam)
  • You get excited about raw butter and you leave it to warm on the counter. (Alex)
  • You comment on how lovely your mother is and you mean your Kombucha scoby! (Alex)
  • You have a love affair with your cast iron skillet and treat it like a child! (Alex)
  • You will go to (almost) any lengths to procur raw dairy for your family (Alex)
  • You own at least one chest freezer. (Ann Marie)
  • All you want for your birthday is a grain mill. (Ann Marie)
  • You have a bucket of coconut oil the size of Montana. (Ann Marie)
  • You consider the fermenting capabilities of just about any cylindrical container you come across. (Barb)
  • Other people look in your fridge and can’t find anything to eat… because they don’t recognize anything (Meike)
  • Friends and family ask you if they’re gonna get sick if they eat our food because they see so much sitting out on the counter(Meike)
  • Your kids know how each veggie came to be and that eggs come from the “CHICKEN BUTT” in the backyard :) (Diana)
  • You have chicken feet simmering in a crock pot on your counter, along with necks and bones and other social discards! (Tina)
  • You are brainstorming how to create a root cellar! (Tina)
  • You realize you’ve completely flipped your budget, that most goes to the farmer’s market and only a small share to the actual grocery. (Tina)
  • Your grocery store receipt has zero tax on it. That’s because you didn’t buy anything processed, there’s no tax on real food. (Mira)
  • you try to convince your friends and family to eat more good fat! (Jen Marie)
  • you wish you had two crock pots, two blenders, two BOSCH mixers, and a never ending supply of widemouth mason jars. (Jen Marie)

This is all in fun, my friends! Please don’t be offended. And I’d love you to join in in the comments section! How do you know someone might be a real foodie? Which ones can you identify with?

(Part of Real Food Wednesday)