The Web That Has No Weaver

The Web That Has No Weaver, Understanding Chinese Medicine by Ted Jay Kaptchuk OMD was recommended to me by a local practitioner and teacher of Chinese medicine when I asked for ‘something along the lines of Chinese Medicine for Dummies’.  I’ve just recently started learning about traditional Chinese medicine, and have found it fascinating, effective, and completely overwhelming since it is SO different than western medicine.  The Web That Has No Weaver has been an excellent guide that is perfect for a beginner to the art of Chinese medicine (me!).

Where western medicine, even holistic western medicine, is analytical, Chinese medicine isn’t nearly as much, and it was hard for me to get an understanding of at first.  There are so many subtleties that are taken into account in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and it makes each treatment very specific to exactly what is going on with each individual person.  The focus on TCM is to maintain health, not heal illness (though that is important too).  The whole philosophy is fascinating, even more so when you see it at work (we’ve had just 2 visits and TCM is greatly helping my daughter!)

The Web That Has No Weaver does an excellent job explaining the differences in TCM in a way that westerners can understand and embrace.  I particularly liked the style of the book, it wasn’t negative about Western medicine at all, but rather showed how TCM is different and can complement or be used in place of Western medicine for the same maladies.  It has real life examples, studies, and charts as well as passion that all make for an informative interesting read.

I’m really glad I read The Web That Has No Weaver, and I’m planning on starting taking classes on Chinese medicine in July, so I’ll have more to share with you then.  If you’re open minded and interested in health, I recommend you purchase this book (here!) too.

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