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We put so much of an effort into eating clean food, we want to also make sure the air we breathe is as clean as possible and the water we drink and bathe in is as well! Today we’re going to talk about simple changes you can make to help clean the air and water in your home.

To clean the air in my home, I make sure to get fresh air blowing through as often as the weather permits, and I just started using salt lamps about 6 months ago.

About Salt Lamps

Salt lamps work by attracting water in the air to the lamp, which is actually a big chunk of salt. Because the lamp is lit with a low wattage bulb (like a night light), it then quickly evaporates off. During evaporation, negative ions are released. Toxins in the air, like those given off by electronics, are positively charged, bind to the negative ions, and then combine and are neutralized.  If you are getting a puddle of water around your lamp, you may want to switch to a higher wattage bulb, so it’s a warmer temperature and can evaporate more water.

My house is well insulated, which helps with heating costs, but tends to make the air smell ‘stale’ when it’s left closed up for any length of time. I bought a salt lamp somewhat impulsively after having left the house closed up as we went away for the weekend. It took a few days to air out the stuffiness, and I was ready to try something else. I had tried indoor plants before, but I really don’t have a green thumb, especially for indoor plants.

Later that week, the salt lamp arrived. We plugged it in and kept it on the dining room table, a fairly central part of our home. Some people recommend getting one for every room, and they are pretty, but that seemed a little excessive to me.  After plugging in the lamp, and keeping it running all the time, I noticed that if we were gone for a day or overnight, the stuffiness and stale smell didn’t creep into the house. In addition, if I walked back into the house after doing afternoon errands, it also absorbed the food odor – I could no longer smell what we had for the previous meal.

I’m a believer!  I would recommend starting with one 8 or 9-inch lamp (buy here) in the main living area of your home, possibly one upstairs and one downstairs if you live in a 2-story house.

Drinking Water Filters

click here for berkey water filters>Berkey Filtered Water

We’ve had aclick here for berkey water filters Berkey Water filter for almost 3 years now, and I still love it.  I have the 1-1/2 gallon, which is great for our family of 3 though I do try to make sure it’s full before we have friends over, and then keep it topped off so we don’t run out.

We have two carbon filters, and two fluoride filters.  Our city water here supposedly isn’t fluoridated, but I would rather error on the side of caution, and filter out the known toxin just in case it gets added without my knowledge.

The filters last a long time – I’m still  on my first set of carbon filters, they purify 6000 gallons, so at an average of 2 gallons a day they would last 8 years!


Bath filterShower and Bath Filters

My main goal with shower and bath water is to get the chlorine out!  Chlorine dries out your skin and hair, and is nasty to be absorbed through the skin.  Even if your water isn’t city water and isn’t chlorinated, you might benefit from a shower filter as well- I know our well water has at times smelled a bit sulfury.

My kids tend toward having dry skin, and a shower filter helps this a lot!  I use this filter on the shower head, and then I just started using this ball filter for the tub so I don’t have to fill it up with the shower anymore.

The filter ball is just a covering over a charcoal filter, I believe.  It works by attracting and trapping the chlorine, so it’s no longer in your water. I let the water run over it, and there’s a noticeable difference between the water above and below the filter ball.

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