Dehydrated Kiwis- Nature's Sweet and Sour Candy!

Dried kiwi is way better than sweet-and-sour conventional candy- no stomachache afterward, no artificial dyes, and it’s easy to make yourself!

To dry kiwi

  • Rinse kiwi under running watercutting kiwis to dehydrate
  • Peel with a paring knife
  • Cut once lengthwise
  • Cut into 4 slices width-wise, making 8 half moons per kiwi
  • Place on dehydrator tray (this is the dehydrator I have, I love it!)
  • Dry on high overnight for chewy candy that has to be stored in the fridge, or for 24 hours for hard candy that is shelf stable for a week.
  • Enjoy!

I love dried fruit and jerky as an easy portable meal when we go to the beach or other outings at meal time.