20 Dehydrator Recipes - protein rich, kid friendly, sweet, savory 3

I wasn’t sure how much I would use a dehydrator, so I first borrowed one from a friend. It turns out I had that thing running day in and day out, so I quickly purchased my own. I like the Excalibur (buy here) because the large square trays are easy to arrange any shaped food on, the trays remove to culture yogurt, and the temperature dial allows you to choose the temperature you want.

I wanted to share with you 20 different recipes you can do in a dehydrator. I’m sure you can think of others as well!


Apricot dehydrator cookiesApricot Coconut Cookies is our favorite summertime cookie recipe.




Homemade RX Bar Recipes

Homemade RX Bars are a delightful easy-to-digest alternative to the much-loved bar available in many grocery stores.  They use hypoallergenic collagen protein, dates, and are made in just minutes.



10 minute mushroom chips


 Easy 10-minute mushroom chips beautifully take on any flavor combination you can dream up, and are a simple grain-free chip alternative to scoop up your favorite dip.




how to dry strawberries 2


Dehydrated strawberries are a favorite for everyone.  Their bright color, sweet taste,a nd how it makes the entire house smell like strawberry fields as they dry makes this simple recipe a winner. See the recipe here.



GAPS yogurt in dehydratorTo be honest, the most common thing in my dehydrator is yogurt! Yes, you can use quart jars in the 5-tray Excalibur. Learn more here.





dried kiwi sweet tartsDehydrated Kiwi is nature’s sweet and sour gummy candy, cut into thick slices and then quartered, these are chewy and delicious!







Butternut Squash ChipNo-Fry Butternut Squash Chips are GAPS friendly and perfect for scooping up delicious dip!





Fruit LeathersDIY Natural Shares How To Make Fruit Leathers! What Child wouldn’t love to have this in their lunchbox?






green-veggie-powder-Green Veggie Powder from Nourished Kitchen makes use of the high quantities of greens that sometimes arrive in a CSA box.





Coconut WrapsRaw Coconut Wraps are a must-try from The Coconut Mama!






Dried TomatoesReal Food Forager preserves the deliciousness of summer tomatoes in her dehydrator.





Cultured Fruit LeathersMama and Baby Love cultures her fruit before dehydrating into leathers to sneak in some probiotics into a sweet treat.






Beef jerky from a roastJerky is much less expensive and easy to make from a roast!  See here.  And see here for jerky from ground beef.




Coconut Milk YogurtSmall Footprint Family makes beautiful Coconut Yogurt in theirs.




Salmon JerkySalmon Jerky? My Gutsy shows you how to make this protein rich snack!





dehydrated pears slicedDried Pears are my favorite dried fruit, and they make use of all the pears that are ripe all at once!  I can’t wait for pear season!





Cheesy Kale ChipsNourished Kitchen uses Miso, Kale, and Sea Vegetables to make Cheesy Kale Chips





Dried MangosThank Your body loves sweet chewy Dried Mangos






Traveling Bone BrothHomemade Mommy travels with bone broth by dehydrating it first!









KS Veggie Chips






Kitchen Stewardship shows you how to dehydrate all sorts of vegetables into salty crunchy snacks!



Crispy AlmondsCrispy Almonds have been soaked in a salt brine and then dehydrated for easier digestion and they’re buttery delicious with just the right amount of salt as well!





Lemon Coconut Macaroons

Mommypotamus makes Raw Lemon Coconut Macaroons in her dehydrator!







Homemade-Banana-ChipsHomemade Banana Chips at The Polivka Family are my favorite movie-watching snack!




Excalibur dehydrators are my favorite – their square shape is easy to store, and the removable trays make the dehydrator suitable for things like yogurt as well as dried fruits and veggies. Click here and read the reviews – I’m not the only one who loves their Excalibur!


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