What to do with extra chicken meat from making broth on GAPS

Are you on GAPS Intro and have more cooked chicken than you need? One option to reduce the amount of chicken you’re making as you make GAPS Intro Chicken stock or Full GAPS Chicken Stock is to use wings, which have lots of the gelatin-rich ligaments and fatty skin, but less actual meat.  They’re often cheaper too.

But if you’ve been using whole chickens, as I often did, and suddenly find bowls of cooked chicken in your fridge, here is what you can do with it!

1.  Use in place of ground beef in Burrito Bowls (just cut into bite sized pieces and add the seasonings).

2.  Cube and place in 1-2 cup increments in the freezer. Instantly add protein to soups without having to cook a chicken.

3.  Use as lunch meat for sandwiches for those who aren’t on GAPS.

4.  Make into chicken salad and eat over lettuce or just on its own.

5.  Cut chicken into spears and dip into GAPS legal prepared mustard.

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