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Why less stuff will give you more joy, and why you don’t need to completely subscribe to the minimalist philosophy to reap this joy

They say that struggles are what make a person interesting. I’m not sure about that, but I have received clarity in my life from many of the associated struggles.

Struggle has made me rock-solid sure that people are more important than things.

Every time.

Growing up I was the crafty child that saved the green transparent plastic scoop that came with my mom’s laundry detergent, every scrap from every art or craft project, and hundreds of mementos from trips, movies, and school activities were scrapbooked with care into my paper scrapbook, never to be looked at again.

Fast forward to my early 30s, and looking into my empty drawer in my nightstand, dresser with 5 colors of the same shirt, and the under-the-stairs-storage area that only has my vacuum, mop, dust wand, and broom in it, many people would assume I’m a minimalist.

What is a minimalist?

A minimalist is someone who intentionally owns less. They enjoy the sparse look, enjoy using one thing for multiple purposes, and identify themselves by what they don’t own, or how little they do own.

That’s not really me.

My early years of struggle both by having a child with special needs and having significant financial issues when my children were little resulted in me learning that my life flows a lot more smoothly when I own less.

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Why less?

I also have money, time, and energy freed up to do things that make memories with the people I love – hiking, camping, visiting family, doing craft projects with the kids, and even blogging.

I also have learned to intentionally choose some things to purchase that aren’t minimal at all (I love books, and outdoor equipment, and I take

Less Now, More Later

But there are many more items that I don’t own, or put off and make do without items for years until I can afford what I really want (furniture) or am in a place where we don’t plan to move again soon (in the case of holiday decorations).


When deciding what to buy, what to keep, what to save for – what are your priorities?

We can’t do everything, so what is your focus for right now? What can you get rid of from past focuses that are not serving you any more?



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