L-Carnosine is a single amino acid specifically targeted to heal the gut and rapidly diminish sensory issues, hyperactivity, improve sleep, improve language, and improve social interactions.  It is a protein supplement, nearly tasteless, available over the counter, and easy to mix into food.

L-Carnosine is a supplement that makes a huge difference in children with sensory issues of any kind!

L-Carnosine in Medical Research

L-Carnosine has double-blind placebo-controlled studies and is documented in medical research.

What is L-Carnosine? What is in it?

L-Carnosine is just an amino acid (protein) and is acceptable for the GAPS diet, does not contain most food allergens. If taken when not needed, it is used as dietary protein for growth and repair. There is no risk of taking too much, but no point in taking more than needed either.

L-Carnosine is also known as ß-alanyl-L-histidine

Please note that L-Carnosine is a specific amino acid. General ‘protein powder’ or similar-sounding amino acids will not provide the same results.

Our Experience taking L-Carnosine

L-Carnosine was one of the first supplements I tried as I experimented with alternative treatments for my daughter as a preschooler.  I loved that there were double-blind placebo-controlled studies, and I loved that I saw a difference in her behavior immediately!

She used quite a bit, 1 capsule 3-4 times a day (in every sippy cup of stevia-flavored water… the only liquid she would take).

As she grew and progressed on the GAPS diet, she needed less, but it did still provide impulse-control benefits. We put it in her Supplement Yogurt Cups daily all the way through elementary school. Once we switched to meat-heavy keto at age 12 (so she’s probably getting a lot of this amino acid naturally) that we have been able to discontinue this supplement.

This supplement is great for any child that isn’t sleeping, has impulse control issues, and known gut problems.

Toddler Sleep

Hannah and her brother are 2 years apart, and I remember finally cracking down on him stealing her sippy cup around 18 months of age… and then him having the hardest time going down for his naps and to bed after a lifetime of being a good sleeper.  I finally correlated the two (he wasn’t getting the l-carnosine any more) and started putting half a capsule a day in his own sippy cup, and the good naps and nighttime sleeping returned!

Anxiety and impulse control

Friends with kids who are ‘slightly spectrumy’ but not severe enough to have a diagnosis have also tried L-Carnosine with good success.  They notice impulse control improved (including excessive talking) and anxious symptoms diminished.

To take L-Carnosine:

    • L-Carnosine is a nearly flavorless powder that is easy to mix into already accepted food or drink.
    • Choose NOW brand. I have tried many different brands, and this one has been the most effective.
    • To take, open a capsule of L-Carnosine and mix into an accepted liquid or something like yogurt or applesauce.
    • For best results, take L-Carnosine an hour way from consuming other protein (ie an hour before or after meals and away from other protein-containing supplements). If the child will only take liquids with protein (ie limits to milk) that is okay, but not ideal.
    • Start with 1 capsule 3 times a day. If benefit is seen, try 2 capsules at a time. If no difference with 2 capsules, go back to 1. You want the maximum benefit, and can use as much L-Carnosine as needed. But if you aren’t seeing extra benefits, there is no reason to take excess.
    • You should see an immediate (within 1 hour) change in some symptoms. If no change is seen after 2 days, continuing is not necessary.
    • Changes to look for:
      • Improved sleep quality/quantity
      • Improved language
      • Improved social behaviors
      • Improved impulse control
      • Less stimming
      • Less sensory defensiveness
      • Less meltdowns
      • More willingness to try new foods

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