You would think popping a pill would be easy… but when you’re trying to get kids out the door to school, homework done, soccer practice facilitated, and lunches packed, sometimes supplements, even those that I know are really helpful for my kids, slip through the cracks of this thing we call life.

To remedy this, I’ve been putting our supplements in plain yogurt (see how to make here), but you could easily use chia pudding, homemade applesauce, or anything with a soft stir-able consistency.

Supplement yogurt cups make our mornings simple.  They also make our afternoons and evenings easier, as when my children get the supplements they thrive on, they really are more mellow, more ready to go to bed, and sleep better as well.  This is a win for everyone!

* Note about supplements: The supplements that work for my children might not necessarily be what your children need.  This depends on your specific family’s dietary intake, genetics, and even their activity and growth.

Supplements I use

L-Carnosine (study I talk about in video)

Diatomaceous Earth (read more)

Probiotics (read more)

Methylated Folate

Perfect D3, the Sunshine Vitamin

Creatine (yes, it is helpful for brain health!)

How to make supplement yogurt cups

  1. Make whole fat yogurt, apple sauce, or whatever your base is.
  2. Divide into individual serving cups.
  3. Taste (!) supplements to make sure they are not overpowering or bitter.
  4. Open capsules and dump individual servings into portioned out yogurt.
  5. Add tart cherry juice, raisins, or raw honey to sweeten.
  6. Cover with easy-to-open lids.
  7. Let kids know they can choose one in the morning.
  8. Enjoy easy mornings with children getting everything they need!

Freezer Cooking

These supplement cups are demonstrated in our Freezer Cooking Class: 100 Breakfasts.

In case you’re not familiar with our Freezer Cooking Classes, we make a bunch of nutrient-dense food at once, and then freeze it for busy mornings, hectic evenings, or traveling.  In the 100 Breakfasts Class we make two different grain-free muffins, homemade breakfast sausage, OJ gummies, and more! The yogurt cups are considered an ‘extra’ and are made at the end incase you run out of steam and need to cut a recipe out ;)

Hundreds of families are using my Freezer Cooking Class to simplify getting nutrient-dense meals on the table in their busy lifestyle.  Freezer cooking is really the only way I’m able to keep up with getting real food on OUR table, and I hope it can help you with yours as well.  Click here to check it out (I also often run free classes, which will be on the top of that page if there is one currently running).

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