Berkey Water Filtration System

I love our water filter!  I bought it in Arizona shortly after we moved there from Montana. Before we purchased the filter, I was attempting to haul 1-1/2 gallons of filtered water from the store for daily use.  If I did this every few days, that was a LOT of trips from the parking lot to my apartment with jugs of water, two small children in tow.  The Berkey was a lifesaver!

What to purchase for your family

For our family of three I have:

  • The 1-1/2 gallon Travel Berkey (see more and purchase all of this by clicking here).
  • 2 Carbon Filters (you can have 4 filters and it’ll filter faster, I don’t mind waiting a bit)
  • 2 Fluoride Filters

How it works in our routine

I have my son, 4, pull up a chair and use a Nalgene bottle to fill up the Berkey as part of his morning chores. Yes, it takes him a while, but he’s up high, in the kitchen, and pouring water- this is the dream chore for a preschooler ~grin~.

If I’m making stock, kombucha, or something else that uses lots of water, I fill it up as I take water out.

The kids can easily reach to fill up their cups or water bottles, which is simpler than trying to get a big pitcher from the fridge or drag a chair to the kitchen sink. I had to show them how to stop filling when the cup was half full, but overall they do well. My daughter even fills up the dog’s water bowl without being asked.

Some Tips

  • If you have a bigger family and a bigger kitchen, I’d recommend getting the Big Berkey (click here to see all sizes and compare prices here).
  • I personally like how the stainless looks, but it does show water spots.  I wipe it down with a damp cloth when it starts to bother me, it’s not hard to clean.
  • The kids will put their mouth under the spigot and get water that way, without a cup, I’m not sure how sanitary it is but it’s an adaptation they think is awesome.
  • I replace my filters once every 6-8 months.
  • The up front cost is quite a bit, but if you divide it out into daily use even the biggest system costs less than $1/day for ALL the filtered water your whole family needs and that’s just over the first year.  I’ve had my system over a year now and it’s absolutely worth the investment.  I seriously do not like hauling jugs of water!
  • If possible, place your filter over a sturdy drawer in the cabinet, and then pull it out to hold the pot or jar you’re filling up.  This allows you to multitask a bit.
We use filtered water in everything, even homemade gatorade

We use filtered water in everything, even homemade gatorade

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