I saw Vaxxed: the Movie last night with Dell Bigtree and Polly Tommey, right here in Bozeman. I’ll do a quick review below, but in the meantime you can see when they’re coming to your city. The Vaxxed Tour is full of absolutely amazing loving beautiful people looking to spread the truth.

Coverups, Lies, and Sales

1. First point- this isn’t an ‘anti vax’ documentary. It is more about the coverups, lies, and altered studies, and blatant lies spread to promote the vaccine agenda.

We all KNOW that wherever there is money involved, there is a tendency omit information, or exaggerate information to increase sales. Think: Car salespeople, timeshare sales, brightly-colored nutrient-void food that claims to be heart healthy.

The difference between the sales listed above is that there isn’t government mandates or denial of needed medical care in the case of people who choose not to buy a Honda Civic, timeshare in Florida, or Fruit Loops.

We Don’t Want You Experimenting On Our Entire Population

The call to action is at the end- this is the *point* of the movie, and what is being asked by everyone who supports Vaxxed. That call to action is to provide long-term studies on vaccines, particularly following children who are vaccinated vs completely unvaccinated. They want vaccines held to the same standard as other drugs (which also has issues, but at least this is better).

The second is to implore you, the parent, to realize that nobody is looking out for you or your child and you HAVE TO DO THE RESEARCH YOURSELF.

Afraid of a certain disease? The CDC is actually a wealth of information on diseases, if you omit their opinions-spouted-as-facts propaganda on their website and look at the actual statistics.

Look up:
How bad is this disease? (hint: The ‘For Physicians’ section is great for this, and you will quickly see that most of these ‘scary’ diseases are difficult to distinguish from the common cold)
Have there been any documented cases in my area in the past decade?
How effective is the vaccine?
Of the cases in my area recently how many people were vaccinated?
What treatment methods are available to treat this disease?
What population is at risk for harm from the disease?
Is there any benefit to getting this disease in childhood and then having lifelong immunity?

This goes beyond autism

This documentary does focus primarily on autism, and as we know autism is a huge epidemic. But it’s not just autism, the rates of chronic illness in our population in the US is 1 in TWO. This is insanity, and unfortunately – as Del Bigtree mentioned in the Q&A – we’re now graduating doctors and medical professionals who think this is *normal* because it’s all they have known. Normal is healthy, and we need to NOT forget this.

The focus is on autism because of how devastating autism is to the individuals affected, their families, and the entire community as so many resources are needed. Time limitations obviously don’t let them look into all the other chronic issues like sensory disorders, sleep disorders, autoimmune disorders, childhood cancer, etc.

We’re not ‘Anti Vaccine’

The point of the movie isn’t to stop people from vaccinating, it’s to keep the vaccine companies and the government from withholding known reactions, especially within certain demographics, from the public.

We’re not ‘anti vaccine’ and if vaccines are as safe and effective as claimed, why on earth has there been so much coverup and skewing of data?

There is no ‘the ends justify the means’ when you are dealing with children.

Note from me: You’ll notice I only talk about vaccines about once a year (Pertussis, Mumps, Autism articles), this is because I find this talk emotionally exhausting and it takes a lot out of me.

My focus here is helping you get real food on the table, and healthy balance in your families.  Vaccines and pharmaceuticals are a huge issue, but I suspect the underlying issue is that we want a shot or pill to fix our health, when we aren’t doing what we need to do to support good health.

The vast majority of people will be healthy, with good immune systems, stable mood, and ability to lead happy productive lives if they provide the building blocks needed: Balanced meals that are full of protein, produce, and probiotics; restful sleep consistently every night; movement every day, preferably outdoors in fresh air; and lastly but equally important, loving and accepting relationships with family and friends.

You can’t skip vaccines, and also skip eating well and living a life of balance and expect all to be well. It’s not that simple, so I encourage every one of you to make little steps toward health every day.