Some people buy into trends and fads quickly, I mean they’re popular for a reason right? There must be something up! And some of us are more cynical cautious.

This supposedly magic dirt that is being promoted everywhere certainly looks too good to be true. It helps plants, it helps metabolism, it tightens our skin, it helps us absorb nutrients, it helps reduce swelling, and so on… Too good to be true, right?

When I purchased my bag of Black Oxygen Organics (BOO) I thought I was doing it mostly to try it out and report back so that my readers didn’t have to waste their money. I’ve done the same with other treatments, so that I can give honest feedback when asked about them.

But oh was I wrong! And the literature supports our findings that this ✨magic dirt ✨ really lives up to the hype!

Check out the studies HERE.

The Biggest Downside to BOO:

The biggest downside I’ve seen is that Black Oxygen makes my bath tub and wash cloths used with it… dirty.  But we now have designated BOO wash cloths and a little Dawn Powerwash and a brush gets my tub clean in no time.
And taking BOO internally doesn’t make a mess at all, and that’s what we do most of the time.

Is Black Oxygen Organics (BOO) a scam?


That’s a valid question! Let’s look at the different rumors I’ve heard about BOO since I started talking about it, they are easy to discredit with a little bit of Google.

Rumor: There is no Certificate of Analysis for BOO, I don’t think it has in it what it claims to have in it.

Truth: The COA is here.

In addition, if you look on the Health Canada website, you can see the following:

  1. Black Oxygen Organics is licensed to sell supplements in Canada.
  2. Health Canada requires all sorts of testing, as well as inspections and random product sampling as part of their requirements for natural health supplements. They will shut down any company and not allow sale of items that don’t contain what the packaging claims to.

Claim: BOO Contains Heavy Metals

Truth: They don’t deny this, look at the COA above. But the difference between the heavy metals that will harm you and what is present in Black Oxygen or anything else that is from a plant that you consume.  These metals are bound. There is a big difference between being exposed to free aluminum and aluminosilicates.

Since plants naturally contain bound metals in a small amount nearly all herbal supplements sold in the state of California carry the ‘Prop 65 Warning’ on them.  In concentrated doses (as with dried herbs in capsule or tablet format) all plant materials will exceed the limit for heavy metals.


Claim: BOO Organics is the same thing as Fulvic Acid

Truth: BOO Organics contains fulvic acid, derived from carbohydrates (peat moss), and it also contains humic acid and the corresponding trace minerals like iodine that are also found in the moss.

Carbohydrate-derived Fulvic/Humic combination is shown to be the most effective form to get benefits from Fulvic/Humic.

Not all fulvic is the same! To get fulvic out of rock, chemicals are used which are at times found in the finished product.  BOO is filtered and cleaned with water and then freeze-dried, leaving a pure product that hasn’t even been heated!

Claim: Black Oxygen Organics is from peat moss.  Peat moss is full of fungi, bacteria, worms, and mold.  Therefor BOO is full of those things.

They clean it, yo ;). Just like our drinking water here in Bozeman comes from a reservoir that we also fish in and camp near, BOO has been filtered and cleaned so what we want is left. In addition, the testing done tests for all of the above, and it’s not found in BOO.

Claim: The above-mentioned worms are used as an unconventional autism therapy because they are an antiinflammatory.

Truth: All the autism therapy I have seen regarding worms is to get them OUT. That said, worms (helminths) are a part of our normal gut flora, just like fungus, yeast, and even e. coli are.  The problem is when they are out of balance.

Claim: Fulvic acid comes from waste.

Truth: Yes it does.  The circle of life! We learned this in 2nd grade biology. All living things die, decay, and feed new living things.

With the advent and ease of chemical fertilizers, we have been missing this decaying matter in our food supply for decades.

Claim: The bog BOO comes from is next to a radioactive waste dump, waste water treatment facility, etc.

Truth: Um no, it’s quite out in the middle of nowhere in Canada :) The bog is miles from Casselman, which in 2016 had a population of less than 3,000 people. It may look big on a map, but that’s just because it’s surrounded by *nothing*.

Claim: This dirt is over $100 a bag!

Truth: Yes it is. I know we say its ‘dirt’ but in reality what we are buying are the nutrients we are missing from our dirt, cleaned and packaged for us to take!

Click here to buy Black Oxygen Organics and try for yourself.


Alright everyone, just Rub some dirt on it

Of course, common sense disclaimer: This magic dirt will not affect everyone the same way. Do not avoid seeking needed medical advice.  Individual results will vary.

Do you have questions? I love to answer them! Leave them below, and we can both learn something :)