How do heavy metals impact autoimmunity?

This 2014 paper states:

It is evident that heavy metals present serious risk to human health. Heavy metals are capable of altering the immune response; they have been implicated in influencing autoimmunity. In fact, they are usually inhibitory to immune cell proliferation and activation.

And another paper states that sub-toxic doses of heavy metals triggers an autoimmune response. I think this paper is especially important, because it shows that you don’t have to be shown to be ‘toxic’ to heavy metals to have them wrecking havoc on your body. This is why I tend to treat by symptoms, not by lab test – yes, if you test high in heavy metals you will want to detoxify heavy metals for sure, but even if you show that you have low levels of metals they still can cause big problems!

Although heavy metals are elementary chemical structures, they can have profound and complex effects on the immune system. In genetically susceptible mice or rats, administration of subtoxic doses of mercury induces both the production of highly specific autoantibodies and a polyclonal activation of the immune system.

How does TRS help with autoimmunity?

TRS binds to and contains the heavy metals so they stop messing with the immune system! No, not all autoimmune issues will be caused by heavy metals, but getting excess heavy metals out of the body is sure to help calm down the immune system.

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