Immunity Smoothie and Popsicles Recipe

We’ve been passing around a spring cold the past few weeks in our house. To boost our immunity we take elderberry syrup, and a couple weeks in I figured out it was easier to sneak the dose into a smoothie or popsicle than it was to spoon it out to everyone day after day. Not that it’s difficult to spoon out, this is just a touch easier, and it adds a bright pink flavor to our normally more pale smoothies.  I add a tablespoon of gelatin to our smoothies most days for the health benefits (post coming on this soon).

Immunity smoothie recipe (GAPS Friendly)


Blend, adding milk if needed to thin.  Serves 2-4.  Freeze remainder in popsicle molds, we love these rocketship pops found here. You fit a surprisingly small amount in popsicle molds, so a little left over goes a long way.  The kids love the different flavors of popsicles that come from using different fruit and I love not throwing away the dab of extra smoothie we often seem to have!


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