GAPS and Paleo Packed Lunch Ideas


For the many families who started GAPS or Paleo eating after the first, Monday is the day that many children head back to school. Even if you don’t plan on being strict while at school (it’s hard – we had to homeschool while we did strict GAPS), it would be hard on the system to switch back to a bread-based lunch of

Because cutting grains and sugar from the diet helps keep the body from craving carbs and sugar, you will be happy to see your children enjoy protein-based lunches with meat, eggs, almond flour bread, and soup.

Variety in the veggies ideal. We haven’t been grocery shopping today, so carrots it is…

I have a case of Epic Bars on the way as well. These are really nutrient-dense for bars. My kids don’t like them as much as I do, but I love them.

Containers used:

Rubbermaid divided dish

Thermos (I’ve found that cheap thermos aren’t worth purchasing)

Compostable flatware (oddly this holds up in the dishwasher)

Nalgene bottles for water

Lunch 1:

Beef patty

Hard boiled egg

Carrot sticks

100% fruit fruit leather


Lunch 2:

Elderberry/Tart cherry Gummie

Almond flour bread, sweetened with honey (I added 1/4 cup honey to this recipe)

Carrot sticks

Lara Bar

Lunch 3:

Cauliflower and red-pepper soup with coconut milk

Carrot sticks

Lara Bar



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