Picky eating starts in most preschoolers as they learn that they don’t always agree with their parents.  Picky eating almost always starts as a combination of asserting independence and ‘picky eating gut flora’.

Unfortunately most methods of parenting children that are picky eaters only address the behavior itself – but it’s just as important, and in many cases even more important, to address the gut flora as well.

The rampant junk food in our culture establishes ‘picky eating gut flora’ in our children as they are exposed to more and more sugar, starch, and artificial flavors in their diet.

This gut flora literally sends chemical signals to their brain, triggering cravings to sugars and starches, and aversions to delicious vegetables, healthy fats, and proteins.

Is picky eating is ruining your peaceful home?

Do you feel like you are consistent with parenting and providing healthy food with appropriate choices to your children, only to have them back into a corner and insist they only consume sugary or starchy foods like sweetened yogurt, chips, and bread?

Do you often shake your head, thinking of all the abundance we have in America, when your children refuse in favor of nutrient-void foods that are causing health problems in their bodies?

When does the survival instinct kick in?

When will their bodies realize that they can’t survive by refusing the healthy proteins, fats, and vegetables that we provide?

There are trillions of microorganisms in your child’s body making these decisions for your child

Our bodies contain trillions of bacteria cells. And the balance of bacteria in their body, especially their gut, plays a large part in dictating what they (and we) crave to eat. Healthy balanced bacteria craves a healthy balanced diet.  An imbalance of pathogenic bacteria actually send signals through the bloodstream to the brain, which demand their preferred food – starch, sugar, and other carbohydrates.

Conventional methods for curing picky eating

  • Offer healthy choices, be okay if they only eat apples for dinner even if it means they wake up at 11 pm hungry
  • Allow them to eat what they want, as long as it’s fortified (like cereal)
  • Let kids be kids and hope they grow out of it.
  • Try to hide ‘healthy’ foods in food that they approve of.
  • Educate them. Tell them why they need to eat a balanced diet.
  • Outlast them – demand they eat what is serve, and continue serving it until it’s eaten

A picky child refuses food from an exasperated mother

Are these methods of dealing with picky eating working for us?

Undoubtedly, they are not.  They didn’t work when we were kids, and they’re not working now.

As a child of the 80s, I’ve seen a lot of my friends grow up picky. picky. picky.   And then get sick. sick. sick.   My peers struggle with eczema, infertility, chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, anxiety, lethargy, digestive trouble, brain fog…

Some of these picky eaters have had the wake up call needed.  A select few made the changes needed to turn around poor eating habits and are rapidly regaining their health.

However, many adults still struggle with health problems, and continue to be finicky eaters into adulthood.  This is what we don’t want for our children.

Healthy appetites make Healthy People

The phrase: A healthy appetite…

How often do you see people who happily enjoy a variety of foods, without intense sugar and starch cravings (yes, the soda and beer habit fall in this category of sugar and starch cravings), who are chronically sick? It’s not often.

People who are healthy crave healthy things to eat.  

How to solve gut-flora-caused picky eating

To solve gut-flora-caused picky eating the first thing we do is make sure it’s not an over-abundance issue.  We don’t snack. When we offer snacks all day long, kids (and adults) never get to use that ‘best seasoning’ that makes even boring food taste amazing.

What’s the best seasoning for food? Hunger :)

Not snacking is a simple change that helps most picky kids.  However, often there is more to the problem of picky eating.

In my own children, I watch the phomemon of them getting pizza, cake, and ice cream one day (such as at a birthday party), and then the following day they are much more likely to completely refuse the health-giving food that is their typical diet.

That’s the gut flora talking.

To solve the gut-flora induced picky eating, an elimination diet is key.

It’s so common that removing foods that often are allergy-causing, inflammation-causing, and cause a leaky gut.  Removing dairy and/or gluten will most often relieve picky eating to a manageable level.

Then once they are a bit more un-picky, we can work on restoring gut flora balance and healing the gut. Most importantly, we clean up the gut.

When the gut flora is balanced, we don’t have the intense cravings for starches and sweets, to the exclusion of unhealthy food

A mom serves her family a meal as they happily eat it

Solving picky eating makes mealtimes a time of joy and connection, not frustration and tension.

Why is the gut so important?

Our gut, where we digest food, keep most of our immune system, and even have brain tissue, is much more important than most people realize.   The gut normally is populated with a hefty balance of good gut flora (microorganisms – yeasts, fungi, and bacteria).  It normally is healthy tissue with intestinal villi that work with the gut flora to extract nutrients needed from food, and pass them through the gut wall into the blood stream. These villi move food along the digestive tract, break it into smaller pieces so that nutrients can be extracted, and secrete enzymes needed to break down food (source). The bacteria in our gut line the gut walls, and actually pre-digest our food for us. They line our guts to prevent food from being passed through the gut walls without first being broken down sufficiently. This gut flora is also a large part of our immune system. When our gut is unhealthy, the flora in our gut is not protecting food from being passed through, vitamins and minerals are not able to be extracted properly from food, the body is unable to detoxify normally, and the immune system is not functioning as it should. Lastly, the pathogenic bacteria, which aren’t kept in check by the good bacteria, send out chemical signals as part of their metabolic process through the gut wall, into the bloodstream, and then make it to the brain.

So yes, survival instinct is kicking in, it’s just those billions of ‘bad bacteria’ that are in survival mode, and they’re drowning out your child’s (or your own) survival instinct to consume healthy food.

Oh, so that’s why it’s so hard to diet!

Yes!   It’s not just a matter of ‘eat this and then stop until you eat that and then stop’.  There are chemical signals, like drugs, in your body telling you what to eat.  With this knowledge, we can be better equipped to deal with them, though.

It’s not just me saying this, here are some other supporting articles that show the same connection between gut flora and picky eating:

What can help heal the gut?

Click here to get a free printable checklist for a 30-day plan to get this started in simple steps

1.  Remove inflammatory foods that are difficult to digest and high allergen: Gluten, other grains, sugars, and chemicals in non-food items (food dyes, preservatives, etc)

2.  Provide foods that supply easy-to-digest nutrients to the gut to facilitate in repair and healing: Chicken stock, gelatin, fresh juice, healthy fats.

3.  Provide probiotics that re-populate the gut with healthy flora.

5.  Depending on your symptoms, you may be able to modify this protocol and still see great results; possibly just removing gluten, any known allergens (often eggs or dairy), and increasing probiotics for a time.

Picky eaters no more

How did this work for us?

I notice that every time junk food creeps into our diets, my children become more picky.  The baby is still easy to monitor, but my middle child seems to be most susceptible to pickiness when his gut flora are out of balance.

This can easily be upset by a holiday party, birthday party, or even just making PB&J on regular bread for school lunches that week. Thankfully, at 6, he’s now able to understand why we eat how we eat, and that even though he really wants to eat ice cream, cake, and pizza every day, it’s not going to be good for his system.

In this child’s case, it seems to be without fail, within 3 days of limiting the amount of sugars and starches in his diet to those allowed on the GAPS diet, he’s once again gobbling down scrambled eggs for breakfast, guacamole burgers for dinner, and the incessant whining for sugar and starch has subsided quite a bit. I love getting my sweet healthy boy back.

Picky eaters for life?

Are you raising picky eaters or are you raising children who are thankful for the care you put into their food and happily eat the nutrients they need to thrive.

It’s time to make a choice

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