Making homemade yogurt cheese

So simple! I really disliked the messiness of dripping yogurt cheese wrapped in a cloth as mentioned in Nourishing Traditions. One day I decided to experiment using my sieve, glass measuring cup, and a coffee filter and it worked delightfully! I suspect this could be done using a colander and larger industrial-sized basket coffee filters as well.

Making yogurt Cheese

Step one: Make yogurt.

I usually make yogurt in my dehydrator, where the thermostat keeps the constant temperature required for ’24-hour yogurt’.  In the Excalibur 5-tray dehydrator I can do 2 gallons at a time, put into quart sized mason jars.
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making homemade yogurt cheese

Step 2: Chill yogurt until firm. Pour 2 (or as much as will fit without spilling over the edge) cups of yogurt into coffee filter.

Dripping yogurt cheese

Step 3: Cover and allow to drip overnight in the fridge. I normally get about 1 cup of whey and 1 cup of cheese out of 2 cups of yogurt.

Yogurt cheeseYogurt cheese

Step 4: Flip the yogurt out onto a plate or into a mason jar. Pour whey into another jar to use when making lactofermented foods such as pickles or sauerkraut. Discard coffee filter.

Step 5: Enjoy! We use this tart cheese as a cream cheese substitute. Delicious spread on crackers, as a base for a vegetable dip, and I loved it in pastries when we were eating grains.

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