These are some of the herbs and spices that I got from Mountain Rose Herbs.  I wanted to share in case you’re like me- all too often I go to order and I cannot remember what it is I need!  In fact, I was inspired by the book Herbal Nurturing to place an order for herbs for home remedies, and then I asked on Facebook (come ‘like’ my page!) to get more ideas since I was paying for shipping anyway.  I got 4 ounces of most everything, which is plenty for me and to share with a friend.  Herbs are best used while they still smell fresh, so it’s better to share than have to throw them out later.

I love ordering bulk herbs and spices because they are organic, high quality, and fresh, unlike what often comes out of the grocery store.  Glass bottles to store them in can be purchased, or you can just re-use containers that you already have.

bulk herbs and Spices

Basic Herbs and spices That I Have on Hand

Other things

What herbs do you keep in your medicine cabinet or spice cupboard?