Quitting a caffeine addiction can be a hard process full of headaches, lack of motivation, and crankiness. Myself, I have quit and ultimately gone back to that warming dark cup of bitterness more than a dozen times in my life. Many health experts recommend quitting coffee, at least for a time of healing.  Quitting coffee temporarily, or completely, can help improve many health issues.
If you want to quit your coffee addiction, the most effective way that avoids energy slump and headaches is to use the amino acid DLPA (this is the kind I use).

Reasons to quit

Some people want to quit coffee because they don’t like being reliant on a substance to get up and go in the morning. Others are trying to conceive, and want to avoid the stimulant being in their body as they are pregnant. Still others suffer from insomnia, adrenal fatigue, high blood pressure, anxiety, or acid reflux, all of which may be influenced by caffeine consumption.
As with any addiction, quitting coffee is a charged subject. Because it’s not that bad I personally drink coffee when I want to drink coffee, unless it’s causing a particular problem in my life. I absolutely don’t judge anyone for drinking coffee.
If you’re like me, though,  you’d like to be less dependent on daily coffee.  I’m going to tell you how I used DLPA to quit coffee.
We want to do a lot of stuff; we’re not in great shape. We didn’t get a good night’s sleep. We’re a little depressed. Coffee solves all these problems in one delightful little cup.
Jerry Seinfeld

Amino Acids To Conquer Coffee Addiction

Amino acids are a category of supplements that have very few side effects, and enormous benefit, as they are correcting a nutrient deficiency.  After seeing the results of L-Carnosine with my daughter when she had autism (see more here), I’ve continued finding amino acids that work for various health problems, including my coffee addiction!


Amino acids serve to correct an imbalance within the body rather than force adrenaline out like caffeine does.

Potential Side Effects of DLPA

DLPA also has very few side effects, especially at low doses.  The side effects of DLPA look a lot like excess caffeine consumption: Anxiety, jitteriness, and hyperactivity in children. (source)

Common advice is to avoid during pregnancy and breastfeeding, or at least consult with a doctor before using.  This is due to lack of studies of this supplement during pregnancy and breastfeeding.  Personally, I have taken this supplement while breastfeeding.   There was a 4-year time period that I was pregnant or breastfeeding continuously, so I tried a few supplements. I didn’t notice any change in my baby, but do what’s comfortable for you.

How DLPA Works

D, L-Phenylalanine (DLPA) is used by the brain to produce norepinephrine (our brains’ version of adrenaline), a neurotransmitter depleted by stress, caffeine, nicotine, pollution, and some pharmacological and recreational drugs. (Source)

When you’re low on dopamine, you feel dull, unmotivated and tired. Nothing seems very interesting. When left to yourself you might sit in the same spot for hours. This can feel terrible!

Symptoms of DLPA deficiency look a lot like caffeine withdrawal symptoms: Lack of motivation, depression, lack of energy, memory problems, lack of appetite. (source)

Fortunately, there’s a simple way to boost dopamine levels. The amino acid  DL-phenylalanine (DLPA) is your body’s natural dopamine precursors. When you take  DLPA as supplements, your body converts them into dopamine, and your alertness and energy level get a boost.  (Source)

Caffeine gives us a temporary lift by sending norepinephrine into the blood stream.  Over time, healthy levels of norepinephrine are depleted by caffeine and other factors mentioned above … if not replaced.   Phenylalanine does a great job replacing this major neurotransmitter. (Source)

DLPA looks like it also helps with chronic pain (source) and depression (source), and it may help reduce cravings for alcohol as well (source) so it’s not just for withdrawing from caffeine.

My experiences

I tried 500 mg capsules of DLPA (see here), 2 capsules in the morning and another in the afternoon.  This allowed me to quit coffee immediately without any withdrawal symptoms immediately.  After the first 2 days I went down to only using DLPA if I was craving coffee.

After using DLPA, I felt like I got better sleep, and woke up ready to go in the morning with more energy than usual, and a longer attention span than usual.  I’ve continued to have coffee when out with friends on occasion and I haven’t felt my coffee addiction returning at all.

The DLPA itself doesn’t seem to be habit forming, I skip most days now and only take it if I start to feel like I ‘need’ something to wake me up.

The first weekend I tried DLPA to quit coffee, I was amazed that I avoided the caffeine withdrawal headache and even had a steady supply of energy all day long. It was not the nervous caffeine-induced kind of energy, it was the kind of energy you have after you had a great night’s sleep and you’re excited to do whatever needs to be done that day.

I’m still amazed at how well this works, it’s almost like it’s too good to be true.

Are you addicted to caffeine and want to stop?

Give DLPA a try!


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