Broth cubes (18)

Do you, like me, love the idea of drinking and using tons of broth in your cooking, both for flavor and increased nutrition and gut-building amino acids? But you don’t have room to store gallons of chicken stock at a time in your fridge, so you end up just making a few quarts, using that in a few days, and forgetting about it again until the next weekend when you’re cooking a whole chicken again?

Let me tell you about broth cubes! These little wonderful cubes sit in a ziplock bag in my freezer and are tossed into soup, sauces, and even just added to a cup of hot water for a cup of broth on a chilly afternoon.

These little guys are so easy – broth is super easy to make, but if you make more than 3-4 quarts at a time, storing it can be problematic.  With these cubes, I make 1-2 gallons of broth at a time, and then have broth cubes for weeks… unless I give them away (but honestly, I love to give them away too).  I use them all week long in most of our dinner dishes.

(stored this way it takes up half the fridge - we can easily go through a quart a day when on GAPS, often 2 or 3)

(stored this way it takes up half the fridge – we can easily go through a quart a day when on GAPS, often 2 or 3)

To make easy broth cubes (homemade bouillon):

1.  Make a gallon or more of chicken or beef stock from 1 pound beef marrow stock bones or 1-2 pounds chicken wings (buy organic meat here) (beef stock shown here, follow my directions for easy chicken stock here)

2.  Reduce the gallon down to 2-3 cups by simmering with the lid off.

Broth cubes (6)

Beef marrow bones

3.  Scoop out marrow from bones (break open chicken bones if using chicken) and add into reduced stock.

4.  Add 1 tablespoon sea salt (buy sea salt here)

5.  Add 2/3 cup grassfed gelatin (buy gelatin here).. This can be done when the stock is cool or warm.

Broth cubes (13)

6.  Use an immersion blender to puree the marrow and throughly mix the gelatin.

7.  Simmer again over medium-low heat until gelatin is melted in.

8.  Remove from heat and chill 2+ hours.  I often chill right in the stock pot (yay for one-pot projects!).

Broth cubes (16)

9.  Cut into 1″ cubes.

Broth cubes (22)

10.  Transfer cubes to freezer bags, laying flat to freeze. They can be touching in places, but they’re easier to get out individually if they are not completely touching.  Once frozen, the bags can be stored upright or wherever they fit.

11.  To use in recipes, use one cube in 1 up of hot water in place of 1 cup chicken stock. This makes soups go together super quickly! Cut some veggies, add in a couple broth cubes, and then simmer. The cubes can also be added to scrambled eggs (yum!), sauces, and used in place of water to saute veggies in.

Broth cubes made with marrow

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